My Name is Amos Makasa.I am 35-years old.

I was born and raised from a well to do family.I was the second born in the family of 3, Two males and one female.

My parents had money and they made sure that we went to the best schools in Zambia.
They were both employees of the Zambia Airways.
My parents did not welcome any of our relatives to our house.I still don’t understand why.

We had privileges of travelling abroad.I have been to all the continents of the world.We used to spend our school holidays abroad.My favorite holiday destinations were Tampa Florida in USA and London.

We did not feel the impact when the Zambia Airways company was shut down by the Chiluba Government.My parents had already secured our futures.We had two big houses in Avondale, one house in Chelstone and a Big farm in Lusaka west.We had also a pig farm in Nagoma, central province.

So when Zambia Airways was shut down, We went to live on our farm in Lusaka west.My parents became full time farmers.

In 1995 my mother’s health started failing her.She was in and out of the hospital.We couldn’t understand what was wrong with her until one day my father told us they were both HIV positive.
In 1996, my father also started getting sick.He was also in and out of hospital.They were no ARV’s then.

In February, 1997 my mother died and three months later my father also died.We buried them both at the farm in Lusaka West.

Our parents left a lot of money.
My siblings and I shared the money equally.My sister who is the first born invested her share in her education and deposited some monies in her Bank account,while my brother and I wasted all the monies on women and alcohol.
We would go to pubs at Northmed shopping mall and buy beers for everyone.We became famous among the women.We were on demand.We were so careless such that we slept with a lot of women without protection.

When the money finished, we sold the two houses in Avondale and shared the money equally.We were untouchable.We were living lives of celebraties.Women were all over us.Some were even fighting each other.When that money finished we sold every property that we had except for the farm house in Lusaka west.

My sister used the share of the money to go further her studies in USA while my brother and I went on a serious spending spree.We would book a big bus full of women and friends to Livingstone for leisure.When this money finished, we had no option but to sale the last property we had, the farm house.
The white man that bought it,was not comfortable with the tombs of my parents.So he requested that we exhume their bodies and rebury them some where.
We did as requested.We got approval from the council and they were exhumed and reburied at chingwere cemetery.
We bought cheap coffins and put their bones in the coffins and buried them at chingwere.

We used the money to buy a bus and rented a house in Kamwala.We paid rent for two years in advance.The partying continued and soon we ran out of money.We had no option but to sale the bus at a cheaper price since we were desperate for money.
We soon ran out of money and after two years we were evicted from the house we were renting in Kamwala for failing to pay rentals.

All our friends we had deserted us.No relatives were willing to welcome us in their homes.We sold the last gadget we had on us,a PlayStation and rented a one room in Kalingalinga.

Life became hard for us.We failed to fend for ourselves.I started hustling in katondo street while my brother resorted to drinking local beer commonly know as chibuku bulk.Soon my brother lost his direction and started sleeping at tarvens.
He stopped coming home.I lost touch of him.I was busy with hustling on the streets.

After six months, I just received the news that my brother was found dead in Chibolya.It is suspected he died of drug overdose.I don’t even know how he was buried because I only went to the mortuary to see his body and left.

It’s been 7 years since my brother died.I have not heard from my sister who left for USA.I am now bedridden.I am HIV positive.
I live with friends in Jack compound but i am currently admitted at UTH.
I am on medication and my health is improving bit by bit.



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