Renowned legendary artist Jordan Katembula known as JK says he has no shame to associate with a winning Team, the Patriotic Front – PF party.

He has said this in the wake of attacks by a fellow artist Brian Bwembya aka BFlow after JK together with Wile, Kayombo and Chester released a pro-Chitotela song when the later was acquitted.


JK says he had tried to work with UPND before but that the main opposition party never rewards hard work and creativity.

He says he is a proud artist for the PF because the ruling party knows and appreciates efforts and creativity.


And JK says his critics are not honest because deep down their own conscious, they envy to be where he is adding that, most of his fellow artists who condemn singing for politics have got nothing it takes to creatively do any political songs.


He has pointed out that in US, a successful rapper Jay-Z and Kanye West composed songs for Obama in 2008 and Donald Trump, respectively. He wonders why people must hate him for doing a song for Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

And JK has vowed to continue playing a role in PF so long he is welcome



  1. Bwana JK it is a fact that you have failed to make a mark in music be it social, political or otherwise. In any case who can buy your music? Take a survey and find out. Your music is below par and can not be compared to any of our Zambian music in all aspects. There is nothing to admire from your music.You keep your music to yourself.


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