I beg to differ with those saying Abel doesn’t deserve his award. Well, life favours the hardworkers and not so much the talented. Yes you can be better than Abel but probably Abel puts in more effort and works hard.
Comedy is not a sin and Abel deseves the award.

In life even if you have a talent as long as you don’t work hard that talent is dead. Opportunities favour those that work hard. You will continue to be shocked when those you undermine win because you think you have arrived. Never underrate anyone and work hard

I want to differ with the Zambian based in Canada Mr Elias Munshya with his article and I feel he is talking from the blues. While you were busy arguing with Bill 10 Abel Chungu was asking his fans to vote and they voted. Mr Munshya must learn to allow certain things pass him without commenting because niw he is looking very dull for a lawyer and I have lost the respect I had for him. YOU ARE IN THE DIASPORA PLEASE ALLOW US WHO ARE HERE TO COMMENT ON ISSUES WE ARE WELL INFORMED ABOUT

Zambians always say people should vote for these awards and one has to campaign. If it was Ngoma awards that picked Chungu we probably would have argued but the fact that PEOPLE VOTED MEANS THAT CHUNGU DESERVES THE AWARD

We should stop this mentality of looking down on others. Those pretending not to know that Abel Chungu has been doing stand up comedy are hypocrites. Chungu has been on Night of Laughter and many other comedy concerts and we can not say we have never seen that.



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