Dear   Editor,
I recently started having issues with bed-wetting after I slept with a man who confessed that he was married.

We were having unprotected s*x several times and to my surprise a few months ago I started bed wetting.

It’s so embarrassing that I have to always hang my blankets and matress everyday outside to avoid the smell from the urine.

And to my surprise the married man I was having s*x no longer comes to visit or makes an effort to call or even text me actually he blacklisted my number.

My main concern is why did I start bed-wetting again at the age of 26? Is it normal? Or maybe the man used me for his rituals.
Please  help me, I don’t even know how to tell my parents and all my friends are laughing at me.
ZCAS Lusaka


  1. ZCAS has now joined other institutions like ZNBC and Evelyn Hone in freelance sexual episodes. At UNZA there is equally massive sexual misdemeanors because of fear of assignments and overall poverty among students. Selling of bodies to make it through is a common phenomenon. At ZNBC the entire womenfolk are captives of sexualized annual ceremony. Products from there are all spoiled generations not worthy to marry.

  2. Kukonda ma items ya bene serves you right you are lucky are bed wetting others would have made you have prolonged period change and stop umuntu mukali

  3. Bed wetting in adults is not normal and the first thing you need to do is to go and see a doctor. He will check whether you have some Urinary tract infection. Also, your hormones must be checked. If you were having a lot of “yakumbuyo”, then you may be having a pelvic organ collapse. So in short go and see your doctor.

  4. From what you are saying, it appears you are having what is called a vaginal fistula i.e. an abnormal opening that connects your vagina to the bladder.
    There are many causes of vaginal fistulas but in the case of a sexually active young woman the cause is likely to be due to a Traumatic injury. This happens usually where your partner or partners have enlargened or extended penis. Many women prefer large penises but there is always a danger of that abnormal penis perforating a small hole in your Vagina leading to incontinence. Another cause would be where a woman was using a sex toy to masturbate.
    There is treatment for vaginal fistula but Some fistulas may heal on their own. Alternatively, a doctor may try a special glue or plug made of natural proteins to seal or fill the fistula. Still, many people need surgery. To start with, you need a thorough examination to determine the extent of that damage and meanwhile stay away from sex toys and men with enlargened penises because that may worsen the problem and you may end up being incontinent and start moving with catheters and urine bag.
    I can treat that condition quite easily – so you should go and see your doctor.


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