Former Chipolopolo star Emmanuel Mayuka has hit back at online publications going round that he is broke and stressed.Speaking to BNZO, Mayuka said that the picture that has gone viral of him and Christopher Katongo was a good picture but taken at a wrong time.

“Iam very dissapointed with you the media, everything was blown out of proportion, that was just a picture taken at an awkward time, I was just from playing a game tired and sweaty and the picture was taken, Iam not stressed I still have my cars, houses and I have invested my money so well. Currently I am out of contract but I will be joining Maccabi Telviv in Israel, my manager is working on that.So atleast I have given you something to talk about on your small Facebook page. Hey! no pictures iam here to have lunch with my woman not taking pictures with you,” Said Mayuka at Hilton Garden Hotel.

Mayuka was part of the Chipolopolo squad which won the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations and was named top scorer of the tournament with three goals.


  1. But Zambians!!!! You get delighted at someone’s bad situation and want it news. Mayuka, mwaice, there is no need to justify your position. Do rings quietly. Zambia looks like this is a place where the devil was thrown when cast out of heaven, no doubt!!! You can tell by the kind of thinking and behaviour of people towards others. Soldier on with your life, you do not eat from their father’s pot!

  2. Hope so cause am not happy with a picture, it’s show that things is not good at all and wat am hearing that mayuka he is most drunkard person who drinks to jili jili any how, that’s not good to me as our football star .

  3. I was a big fan of yours my guy and still am,I still believe you can make it. don’t listen to what the public say, you are still young and full of energy if you want to be our star you can still make us proud. just be focused man if you still want to do it.

  4. Material things like cars, houses and money should not form the basis of how you define yourself! Happiness is free! Your happiness should not depend on material possessions! Jesus said a man’s worth is not defined by material possessions! The reason many people remain unhappy is because they have inferiority complex and low self-esteem!


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