By Joseph Zulu



In as much as aim a PF member, I would like to strongly disagree with the government blaming students from university’s for demanding what is due to them.

This is a sign of irresponsibility and arrogance attitude we as a ruling party we are exhibiting to our people especially those poor students in university’s.

There are so many issues that has left me wondering as to whether our leaders still have brains in their heads or not. Certain level of reasoning by you people in leadership is so annoying and very disgusting.

It is recently when ministers and the president increased their salaries. It is recent, when we saw a toll plaza consuming 4.5 million to be constructed plus those till plaza we did not know at how much they were constructed each. And few days ago we saw a mare tree in kabwe claiming K370’000 PENSION for a bogus rehabilitation services.

But what really matters most to our leaders in this nation? This is ridiculous and evil, for leaders to have such level of reasoning.

By now, we know that these allowances students are demanding are no longer free gifts, but loans that they will pay back one day and let them be paid their dues.

Charity Katanga, please if you had no chance to pass through these institutions please sit down and leave our students in schools enjoy their rights. You have crossed your lane now. Lets hope you won’t foolishly summon HH again over these riots like you recently did. This is a sign of failed leadership and we as citizens should fix our leadership in our nation. This is an urgent matter. Because at the rate we are moving is bad.

I have always said it! that president Lungu! is surrounded by a bunch of criminals, minions and thieves who don’t care about our suffering citizens out there. This year we are likely to have a poor harvest due to the poor rain pattern but instead of these people planning for buck up measures on how to help citizens they are busy stealing public funds.

This level of stupidity should be stopped, because it is not good for the well being of our nation especially youths and future generations to come.

President Lungu, has opted to hire and listen to a bunch of uneducated thieves who are determined to destroy our education system by confusing these highest learning institutions. They know that it is easy to govern a nation with majority uneducated and they want to destroy our education system with impunity.

My appeal to president Lungu, is that you are a beneficiary of what these students are crying for but why don’t you want to intervene? What is your agenda Mr. president? Please provide leadership and not this drama we keep seeing we are fade up.

As far as I’m concerned, PF, we have already ordered tones of campaign materials for 2021, but why didn’t we use this money to pay our students in universities? This is a clear indication that PF we don’t know what matters most in this nation if not our personal needs. This is not leadership you are providing to Zambians.

I’m against the ongoing purchasing of campaign materials from China for 2021 when our people are dying with poverty. This is unacceptable Mr. president stop it and look into matters that affects majority citizens such as student affairs in these learning institutions.

My also appeal to the shameless Nkandu Luo, that she should keep quite and continue eating stolen moneys silently than defend true and visible matters. Zambia’s education system is really in trouble when our people go outside to study, their papers don’t meet majority international standards. Zambians this is the fact don’t be cheated and FOOLED by these minions who can’t even take their children to these institutions They have destroyed due to selfish motives.

Their children are in better universities outside Zambia using tax payers money. Zambians, if we don’t wake up, this nation will be in serious trouble.

We need to unit and stand up for the best of our nation. This issue is not only for oppositions but all meaning citizens in our nation including those from the ruling party with open eyes who can see that the current crop of leaders are not telling us the truth but killing us through their daily failed decisions.


  1. Few innocent people like yourself should have intra-party counter actions. When that takes place, the inter-party support will definitely flow to you with unreserversations. These are factual observations and areas of our zambian rights of life social unity.

    Indeed, isolate the few that are full-filling the bible message between true and fake worshipers of God. Come back to true worshipers from those God worship-pretenders so as to consolidate their mission to amass country’s wealth to themselves.

  2. PF has always been straight forward in their campaigns since the demise of President Sata ( may his soul rest in peace). They told the nation that theirs was dununa reverse, but people thought they meant the opposite. They said pro- poor, they are doing rightly- reverse gear. They said theirs would be citizen empowering but what do see, investor empowering, etc.
    Indeed if we Zambian will not raise to the occasion, doom awaits us.


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