Caught in garden house at exactly 01:43hrs, the boy did everything possible he could so he could disappear but couldn’t. He managed to remove the shirt as you can see in the picture and in the process of removing the trousers we caught him.

The reactions were clear that he wanted to disappear as he has confessed though it’s hard to understand when he was speaking as he was speaking anyhow, when interrogated by police he said that they do get k2000 per day. The boy identified himself as Musa Mumba of Kabulonga, Garden Chilulu not knowing which one is correct.


The boy is currently spending the rest of his night in police cells at Plain View Police Post in Garden house. If not the presence of a policeman, the boy would be dead by now the mob refused to take him to the police instead should be burnt alive. Imagine if the boy was caught from Kanyanma! -zambian watch


  1. A lot of evidence is lost when unruly mobs do mob justice! The root cause of mob justice is erosion of public trust and confidence in our worst ranked Police on our continent!
    To complicate matters, the high illiteracy and mental Poverty levels in our shunty compounds!
    It is surely not good for a soul to be without knowledge and he who hastens his feet sins! Idle minds make good workshops for shetani.


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