Prophet Shephard Mesala


Prophet Shephard M Mesala says he warned the United Party for National Development and its Leader Hakainde Hichilema to stop thinking about the Alliance and concentrate on mobilizing the party.

The man of God who forsaw the happenings with the Alliance in January, 2018 told Mr. Hichilema that there were small opposition that did not mean well to UPND ahead of 2021.

Prophet Stephard M Mesala also told the Nation that some of the Opposition Alliance Partners to the UPND, were only there to collect information to dent Hakainde Hichilema’s image ahead of the 2021 General Elections.

He also stated that the Opposition Alliance was not going anywhere a situation that has made him to be vidicated after confusion has scrumbled the NDC and UPND with PeP pulling out of the Alliance.

“I warned Mr. Hichilema and his team that the Alliance was upto no good. I encouraged Mr. Hichilema and his party to ignore the Alliance and go flat out to tell the people what they will do diffrently. God is on their favour but they must learn to listen to the Prophet of God” he said.

“His imagine going foward will be dented, there is also a new attack that is coming towards the UPND. If not handled carefully, it will have potential to cause alot of youths losing confidence in UPND and Hakainde Hichilema” he said.



  1. Am not a follower of any political party, but what am seeing here is that,even if UPND rejected this pact initially, enemies of this party could mentioned all sorts of issues to accuse them of being selfish. Trueth be mentioned here, everyone forming, registering parties, the main agenda is to lead and eventually become president of the country Zambia.

    Comment: Naturally all politicians are selfish. So don’t even waste your time with this so called ‘pact’ just field in your candidates independently and show your popularity

  2. Confused young prophets. why do you mislead God’s pipo with your so called prophecy where God is not even involved.Proohecy in politics and football has taken center stage.Be careful pipo in following such so called prophets. There are in for cashing but their days are numbered.The God who is our creator is watching and a day is coming when they will disappear from this earth.Do not play games with the almighty.


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