GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba says he was a passenger in the UPND. Speaking when he formally met PF secretary general Davies Mwila at the party secretariat since rejoining the ruling party last month, Mwamba wondered how a person like himself would be a passenger in a party. Two weeks before rejoining the PF, Mwamba, fondly called GBM, had told supporters that he would never leave the UPND to join the ruling party, calling it a “sinking Titanic”.

He further said he would be foolish to join the PF, describing them as “tukabolala” (thieves). But Mwamba yesterday told Mwila he was not in PF for any position, but instead wants to grow the party.

He said he was happy to be ‘back home’.

“We shall follow the rules of the party once again which I am very much alive to. I am aware of the party rules. I shall respect everyone in the party. There is no one as you rightly put it, there is no one who is above the other in the party. We expect also to be treated the same and wish to assure you that we are so happy, we shall always endeavour to ensure that this party grows bigger than what we found it,” he said.

Mwamba, who apologised for taking his supporters to a ‘wrong’ party, said he received a warm reception on his recent tour of Northern Province and other areas.

“If we found it with 2 million members, we shall add another 10 million, starting from now going forward. I want to tell you that we are already on the ground, I have already started bringing back all those that I went with back into PF. And then we want to apologise in front of the nation that I apologise that I took them to a wrong party. I was wrong to have done that. Those of you who are listening, watching, bear with me, I am very sorry, let’s move back. Let’s go back to Patriotic Front, that’s the party where we belong. In other parties we were merely passengers but how can a politician like GBM and others be mere passengers where you have no say? We need to have a say so that as a party it can grow, whichever party it is.”

Mwamba further wished Vice-President Inonge Wina, who is recuperating in South Africa, a quick recovery and he promised to visit her.

“So thank you very much from the warm reception and welcome that you have extended not only to me but all the people that I have come with countrywide. I want to tell you that I am extremely excited on my tour of duty when I was in Northern Province. The reception that I got in every district that I went to…it was marvelous, and I could feel that I was at home. Certainly I am so happy, go and tell the President…” Mwamba said.

“I wish to tell the nation that I have not come into Patriotic Front to get a position secretary general. I have come here to build the party that I helped to form government in 2021. I don’t want a position, I will just to be a mere member of Patriotic Front,” said Mwamba.

And in response, Mwila said, “Thank you, I met your President this morning. I did inform him that you would be coming and he gave me a go-ahead and he is very happy to hear that you are coming to the secretariat. Thank you very much.”




  1. Kabiye nefipubafinobe ifyakupala ukubula amano. You thought your going out will pull out all bembas and make them PF, Wakonkamo ukwonka mu PF soon you will leave it and join other parties. A bulldog without teeth is what you GBM are.
    PF soon is finished. Abamano tababwelela kunuma. Akabwelelo kalalya.

  2. Shetani You Will Regrate Going Back To The Sinking Titanic Come 2021, Its Like You Still Dont Know Us Zambians, Tatufwaya Fyabupuba Ifwe. Lungu Has Failed This Nation. Who Can Say Yes To Poverty With Your Shallow Minds? Observe The Wind If Your Pf Leadership Is Wise Enough And Tell Yourself What To Do. Pf Ba Mwamba Kuya Bebele, Muleipusha Pa Kucite Fintu, Not Uyo Mungulu Mwakwaata.

  3. So you wanted to be the driver, we already have a capable driver in the name of HH, and he is at least a senior driver now you have chosen to be a passenger in Mwila’s vehicle, do you think Mwila is a better driver than HH, wait until you hit the bump because so far ECL has refused to drive you because of your weight and running mouth, I hope you will not be implicated in the video where a cadre is being interrogated by fellow PF cadres maybe that is why you rushed to PF because you know their is a plot to ouster some people as highlighted in the cadre interrogation video which has just been released on Zambian observer, knowing you, I think their is something cooking that people may not know now because you are an opportunist.

  4. Who ever is not seeing the wind of change like GBM whether you like or not UPND is forming GOVERNMENT in 2021 with the leader HH the sinking titanic is 3/4 drowned ifwe no FORWARD.

  5. praise the lord, GOD loves the people of zambia this idiot was going to couse havock as a vp in upnd in 2021. its good that he has gone where they dont consider brain, only stealing. today you say tokabolala tomorrow you join tukabolala what logic is there iwe chikabolala ichikulu. that is why he ran away for fear of exposing his nonsense.


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