I saw how some of you negativists jumped on the bandwagon of throwing shade on me after a successful wedding. You thought it was a good opportunity to take away something from me, but, you always forget that, for me, there is no negative in my life.

I had consultanted way before coming to Ethiopia and I was told she would get it on arrival like when you are coming to Ethiopia.

Nonetheless, to me, everything is positive because it teaches me something and I become a better person, and most certainly I will be a good President out of such experiences.

How else would I have known about the immigration challenges we have as a Country, if I had not tested the system. I am glad I went through because immediately I was in touch with the Minister to tell him about our online Visa application process. It is WASTE I have ever encountered. The Minister actually appreciated the feedback.

How do we have an online process whose page is so heavy such that it is too slow to complete it. Where on Earth do you have an online process with more than 20,000 records to search from, just to pick one profession.

Anyway, I was almost upset with the quick press release by Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba, even though he graced my wedding, because I felt like the behaviour was like a person found on an accident scene. Instead of helping the victims you take the camera to do a breaking news on social media.

But, somehow, I think the press statement helped to highlight a point that, as African Countries we don’t need such restrictions if we have to develop as a continent. Visas among African States should be done away with.

However, let me thank Ms. Mary Muwowo from our embassy in Ethiopia and Ms. Kangwa from immigration who coordinated very well to let my wife get a Visa and we should be home by 14:20hrs, today.

Someone was praising Ms. Mary Muwowo at the wedding and I got to experience, the kind of person she is, jovial, creative and hardworking. She only left office after 18:00hrs and that is what we need from our patriotic civil servants.

Anyway, let me get back to bed, I had to update this story before someone else tells the story, according to their version and interest. I don’t want people doing breaking news on my events, because you may have to defend yourself, proactive is my way of doing things.



  1. Have you shelved of the touch and go thing to “Tayali the married Man”, anyway congratulations bwana for a successful wedding and I don’t know whether I am the first one to say this, you are a lucky man because your wife is so beautiful so beware of Lusambo.


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