Noel Nkoma

By Staff Reporter

Luangeni UPND parliamentary candidate Noel Nkhoma says he has been approached by “a PF sympathiser”, with a bribe of a brand new Toyota hilux and cash to pull out of the race.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Nkhoma said he rejected a motor vehicle bribe and cash, on principle.

Asked on information that PF members Dr Katele Kalumba, Lameck Mangani and David Phiri were camped in Chipata to instigate the defection of UPND and other opposition members, and that he was among those who had been approached, Nkhoma said it’s been over some months since the last he communicated with Mangani and Phiri, and that he last met Kalumba about four months ago.

“So I am not aware about that development to be honest,” Nkhoma said. “But I have been approached prior to that by other persons who represent a different political persuasion where I was offered cash and a brand new vehicle which a politely declined. And the agreement was that with a view to maintain what you call confidentiality that the identity of the person should not be mentioned…he’s maybe a sympathiser but basically persuading me on the lines that we have discussed.”

But put across to him as someone coming from a party that wanted to form government and was talking about fighting corruption, why he did not report the alleged bribery attempt to the investigating wings, Nkhoma said: “The way this person came it was not a direct overture but I could read what they were leading to, like more less trying to put a certain position but not coming out directly and who they are representing and who has sent them, but basically trying to say if you were to reconsider your position and take this route.”

Nkhoma said he did not entertain talks of being talked into pulling out, saying this was something he had informed his party about claiming he was a man of principle who did not fall for anything.

He said he would like to believe that others had been approached in like manner.

The sources said there was likely to be a defection of opposition members who had taken in the money.

“The other candidates being targeted are Samson Phiri of Petauke-Central and Moses Masala in Chipangali, among others,” sources said.

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  1. I thing we are ruled by a gang of people who can do anything to stays in power. I hope UPND has plans of how to force those in Government out of Power. I see them refusing to accept results of an election when they lose.

  2. I also hope there is a brilliant strategy by the upnd to block the rigging cz these people have so much money to buy anyone. Since there are no more strongholds for pf they will try as much as possible to rig.


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