Georgina’s Husband Speaks Out,

It has not been easy I kept those videos for a week and just two days ago I confronted the Minister he avoided my calls through and through and only sent a message that he was in quarantine. I then forwarded everything I had on him with my wife Georgina, he then called offering K50,000 not to publish the content, I declined the offer because that was an insult to my marriage, apparently I don’t know where my wife is and she has deactivated her FB account (Georgina Mpundu) and her phone is dead off!

Am so disappointed because I had so much respect for both my wife and the Minister, we all have problems in marriages but the path my wife took is uncalled for, I await to see what measures the president will take to this effect as well as lawmakers in this country before I unleash more! Am heart broken and embarrassed.

Get facts from me not whatever WATSAPP conversations are circulating those are made up, people are taking advantage of the situation.




  1. Good morning country men, as always presumed zambian have again been given a poverty reduction solution in the name of the minister playing or show casing his adulterous tool to someone’s unfaithful wife, that is the investment and the channel which has taken our huge kaloba we are in. Now my biggest concern is the gentleman was playing with his own tool barely few hours after his fired, its obscene but it has very little damage on economy if compared to the criminals like chitotela and chilufya who stole from all the country citizenry were not fired. We want our money back not ministers tools.

  2. Now if this true coming from the woman’s husband, how do PF idiots like Sunday Chanda link HH to this Mabumba rubbish? If HH was no the smart gentleman he is, he would certainly take the likes of Sunday Chanda to court. But HH is above such. His focus is to clean the economic mess PF has subjected Zambians to.

  3. How can a sensible man accuse an opposition leader of bringing an expensive printer into the country, which the government in power could not afford? And why Mabumba in particular? Shame on PF and its nonentities. Only a fool would celebrate whatever went viral but the truth is every man and woman, let alone our children in Zambia has been embarrassed. Ninshi sex in Zambia yafuma mu waist yaya ku brain that people have changed their statuses with dogs? Just a while ago it was Sichalwe, but because he’s elite he is still serving in the government and the unfortunate Mabumba has been shown the door out. This action has made no remedy at all but has just shown the injustices that are prevailing in our country.

    No wonder our prayers cannot be answered by God despite being a Christian nation because we are full of blasphemy, including the Minister of Justice herself. Shame.

  4. This husband is also dull and stupid. He has just bought a ticket to prison out of ignorance, and frustration having failed to succeed in blackmailing the eater of his forbbiden rotten fruit. Circulating porno will see this idiot behind bars, especially that by his posting of the chat between him and Mabumba he has admitted the charge. He should have gone the normal legal way that is why I am calling him an idiot for choosing prison when he had a good case.


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