Zambian Musician Moses Lwando, popularly known as Chester has charged that he will continue composing songs for the Patriotic Front because he cannot choose an empty plate over a plate with full of relish.

Meanwhile, Chester has vowed not to sing any political song for the opposition over the ruling party.

In an exclusive interview with Zambian Watch, Chester has stated that supporting an opposition party is inviting problems on oneself.

The “Belinda Nafwa” hit maker declined to comment when asked whether he does political songs for money saying it is strictly music he does for politicians.

Chester reiterated that he supports the ruling party because he does not want to get in trouble by singing for the opposition.

Chester and his counterpart Jordan Katembula aka JK have come under heavy criticism after releasing a song over the acquittal of former Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister, Ronald Chitotela.

Chitotela, who has since been transferred to the Ministry of Tourism, was facing several charges of possession and concealing of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.


  1. Chester, you earn your living by singing songs, therefore, whoever pays you better you are free to sing praises for such one. But don’t talk like foolish wise musician against the opposition parties cos they are the government in the waiting. What are you going to do if NDC beats corrupt PF in 2021?


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