Katele Kalumba


CHISHIMBA Kambwili must know that I am capable of finishing his political career if he continues insulting and demeaning me, former minister of Finance Katele Kalumba has warned.

Dr Kalumba said Mr Kambwili was a baby politically and could not be compared to him.

Mr Kambwili had accused Dr Kalumba of being a corrupt person who should never talk about national issues especially about the role of the investigative wings.

The former Roan lawmaker was quoted in some section of the media denouncing Dr Kalumba, stating that he had hidden on the laptop when investigative wings where looking for him for alleged corruption activities.

But Dr Kalumba said Mr Kambwili was too small politically, warning that he would finish him if he continued to spread falsehoods against him.

Dr Kalumba said it was wrong for the embattled NDC Consultant to peddle lies for the sake of gaining political mileage.

The former minister of Finance said Mr Kambwili should not start a fight which he cannot finish.

Dr Kalumba said if Mr Kambwili thought that he could fight him then it would be the end of his political career.

Dr Kalumba said he had been injured by Mr Kambwil’s accusations.

“The actions by Kambwili showed that he was not an intelligent person because it is only low thinking people who can accuse someone of hiding on a laptop,” Dr Kalumba said.

“So what did Kambwili want me to do, to die. And there were instructions that I was not brought alive, I decided to leave the country to save my life,” he said.

The veteran politician said Mr Kambwili should never start a fight with someone from whom he could get ideas to grow politically.

Dr Kalumba said Mr Kambwili should fight with people at his level and not with those who were above him.

He said the kind of politics the embattled NDC Consultant was practicing were below standard.

Contacted Mr Kambwili for a comment proved futile as his phone went unanswered.
Source: Daily Nation


  1. The man is deadly when it comes to witchcraft. That is what had saved him despite a lot of evidence of corruption. When he was being persued by police, he was found in the bush hiding behind a laptop with all sorts of roots and bones. He believes that is what saved him to walk to freedom till today. CK should watchout


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