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I am not going to apologize for singing for PF in the campaigns Says King Dandy
After facing a heavy social media backlash, Dandy Crazy vows not to apologies to the Zambian people for singing in the campaigns


I would love to take this opportunity to thank you all the Zambians especially the youths who voted for PF AND UPND in large numbers at all polling stations. On the other hand, would love to express my views to some unmatured people who want to take things so personal in their handsel have gone through a number of comments coming from all sectors just after inauguration at heroes stadium. Zambia is a democratic nation and everyone is free to vote for any candidate of their choice.

I want to condemn strongly other musicians who are so low in thinking that they are now above everything. Hell no! Work hard and we are in competition on stage and studio by making hits. I am not going to apologize for singing in the campaigns unlike others.

It’s my conscious which has my thought that I’m a free Zambian and Zambia is for everyone. One Zambia! One nation. Congratulation to the President Elect Hikainde Hichilema the president for all Zambians.

And want to thank you and wish you well my President Dr Edger Changwa Lungu for the time you presided over mother Zambia with all the development we have seen in seven years for your tenure in office. You run your race n you had your weakness and strength like any human beings. From this we have learn a lesson that never be surrounded by wrong people and they made you look a bad President. We wish you well sir


asasdsdd Dandy Crazy


  1. Yes King Dandy. Don’t dare apologise. These clones so called 2.8 most of them are just lazing around expecting Government spoon feed them. Asking Artists to apologise for offering both commercially and artistic services to political organisations is the most stupidest ideology by Africans. Some humans are just sick

  2. They did not make him look like a bad president. He was not a good president, an absentee president, worst in Zambia’s history.

  3. There is no way everyone should apologize for supporting a politician. Why? It is not. Offence and it is not criminal. Learn to live in harmony.

  4. There’s no need to apologise because it was not an offence. You were hired to provide a service to the PF. We might as well ask Zesco to apologise for providing electric power to the PF secretariat. Will we be a normal country?

  5. Please continue singing , sing louder actually for your dead party and its president who is gone for good never to be president again

  6. Democracy is to do what is right for you as long as you have not broken the law. Private Doctors, Security firms, Printers, Advertisers, Lawyers, Artists, Transporters, Private medias, etc, can be hired by anyone be Political parties, individual politicians, NGOs, Companies, etc as long is within the laws of Zambia. Unfortunately PF was frustrating those hired by Oppositions especially UPND. They looked at them as enemies and that was totally wrong. This is the same trap UPND has fallen in to look those who were hired by PF as enemies. Why multiparty if things always seen one sided? Let’s learn co-exists with different opinions and ideas. In Zambia we have Socialist oriented political parties, Capitalist oriented political parties etc you choose what you want. We need to move on as a country alot to be done.

  7. MAX thats Excellent as for musicians who gave an apology they are just cowards with no convictions of what they stand for and spineless and they can betray UPND in future if they lost

  8. Yea – don’t waste your breath on sad vindictive people who aren’t satisfied even when their candidate emphatically won. What do they want – blood?

    Taking it out on musicians is ridiculous. You can’t keep dwelling on the past, & seeking vengeance on frivolities like who played music for whom!?.. Rejoice your win – leave the loosers alone; unless of course they committed crimes in the previous government, for which they should, rightly be answerable! Otherwise, move on!

  9. Youngman you are right when you say everyone has a right to choose a person of one’s choice but it is not right to say Zambia is for every one.This is not right.Zambia is not and should not be for killers ,dictators,hate advocates,tribalists,corrupt people etc.Zambia must be a country where each individual enjoys life regardles of whether one is a cadre.

  10. Typical pf cadre when they hear a ka latest word ninshi they will use it forever, who is President elect? so this guy has not yet heard that he was sworn in weeks ago after elections , very “unprecedented development” mentality. The apologies were not about singing for pf but its words the said artist uttered to their fans that infuriated them.

  11. No need to apologize and you are free to sing for whoever you want because this is a true democracy under upnd and not a dictatorship under PF. However whether you will make enough money or not through those songs is up to the people.



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