By Chilufya Tayali

I did a ka “Touch and Go” on the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Nkandu Luo, and she vented her anger on me, accusing me of insulting her. My brother Hon. Vincent Mwale was on hand to calm the Minister down.

However, I didn’t back down on my call to have her open the University. I pleaded with her to open CBU, considering the fact that students, including myself, even apologized. But the Minister refused to submit.

When I pressed on, she went on to explain that she wants security at the institution before it opens.

She said that she wants CCTV, biometric access into the campus so that there is control.

The Minister also spoke about some internal and external forces inciting the students to misbehave.

When I asked her when, approximately, the campus will open, she said, she is waiting for a report on the assessment of the job to be done and the cost.

After receiving these report she might have a view but for now, she can’t commit to any time frame.

Basically, this means that, CBU remains closed for now and we have to wait. On my part, I will continue engaging the Minister since we are here together for a few more days to come.



  1. The biggest victims in all this fiasco are the children still in secondary schools. There is already a backlog of one intake for entry to UNZA (i.e. students finishing school this year have to wait for last year’s school leavers to enter UNZA before their turn can come). This backlog is now being dosed on to CBU. This means school leavers, (mostly intelligent boys and girls from poor backgrounds) are being consigned to one-two years of kachasu and tujilijili and other vices. Others can send their (mostly dull and lazy) children to India and China. With our quality on education management, things can only get worse
    Secondly, the idea of restricting entry to a university is utter nonsense, and is not there anywhere in the world. A university is an open knowledge centre, open to all citizens. When politicians have no clue to problem solving, they shift the problem to being created by external forces (implying political opposition), even when the solution is very clear.

  2. The Minister has no clue on how to run HE. Putting security measures at campus does not imply closing the institution. Problem is, the money being earmarked for such should be used to support the students. Where is the money going to come from? Pay students and lecturers and, this nonsense will be sorted. This is just another scheme to just misuse funds. Nkandu Luo is very incompetent. She should be Minister of Gender something or Religion, the Ministries that do not make sense and we waste money on!

  3. lousy and arrogant minister. why vent your uglyness on smart future Leaders? go get a “facelift” at a beauty parlor, ala!!!!!!


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