Pilgrim….I know Hakainde Hichilema from A to Z, he is tribal and too arrogant.

As long as I live, I will make sure he doesn’t win in 2021 otherwise I will stop being Zambian and become a citizen of another country, Former United Party for National Development for Politics and Administration Canisius Banda has charged. Speaking in Lusaka today, Mr Banda also urged President Lungu not to attend the much publicised dialogue because HH is not a peaceful man.

Dr. Banda also said Mr. Hichilema’s threats that he will jail those in the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership for alleged plunder of public resources will hinder his chances of forming the next Government.


  1. Banda you are a disgrace, the other day you said HH cannot be President etc. Why are you changing statements? If HH becomes President, the first thing he should do is to recover what is stolen and arrest those involved in the interest of the nation. Irrelevant people like yourself barking like rabid dogs should be ignored! Pilgrim, the joker…the joke himself!!

  2. Njala. He is very intelligent Medical Doctor who has become a wasted resource. The root he is taking could lead him to depression. Let us pray for him. I pray that HH will have mercy on him even when he becomes president. He can be useful human being technically.

  3. Frastrution and poverty including inferiority complex have contributed to Dr Banda’s continued hallucination tendencies. The time he lost his job at the Ministry of Health when resigned and joined politics seems he has not recovered from that defeat and failure.

    It is also misleading to say he knows HH as a tribalist from A to Z means he is slowly losing the sense of judgment and mental abilities. Dr Banda is suffering from depression and poverty. By spreading falsehood and hatred towards HH will not change the will of people. God is the final authority and the only one who knows each and everyone better than a mortal being who has failed to sustain himself because of the wrong decisions he made.

  4. these are the ranting of a fool who is having roots somewhere else. why go to a nation you dont belong to if some one wins. we know which country you could go to. you are a tribalist.


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