Stephen Kampyongo.


“He made a serious offence by campaigning in the same district where President Lungu was campaigning from”

HH must know that we only have one President in Zambia and that is His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said.

Speaking in Sesheke this afternoon, Mr Kampyongo declared that he will continue to be in Sesheke until HH is arrested for causing violence. He called on the police to search for HH and flash him out of Western Province particulary Sesheke.

“He is very stuborn. He wanted to campaign in Sesheke when President Lungu was also in the district”, he said. The Home Affairs Minister explained that NO opposition leader is allowed to campaign in the same district as the Republican President. “It is an offence to do that. HH made a serious offence by campaigning in the district where President Lungu was campaigning from and for this, the law will visit him”, said Kampyongo.

Mr Kapyongo has now camped in Sesheke and has vowed not to leave until HH is arrested and taken to Lusaka. Police have been instructed to search all vehicles.

SOURCE: Zambian Accurate Information


  1. Comment:
    Please – can those with the technology to send lightning and bees send these 2 on all those promoting injustice, discord, voter apathy, confusion, violence and all manner of disruptive and underhand methods in that district. Am fed up and feel we are sitting on a time bomb. It is not healthy at all. How many by-elections have we had countrywide and witnessed such drama?

  2. So much hatred for the opposition. Initiate dialogue instead of planning to arrest opposition leaders. It is a fact that Pf has lost popularity


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