Rupiah Banda

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda has confessed that he had the desire to contest the 2015 presidential election had it not been for the High Court decision which bared him.

Speaking exclusively to Byta FM News in Choma on Tuesday afternoon, the former Head of State said his presidential career was cut short by the decision of the court and the vote of the Zambians in 2011.

Asked if he would have loved to continue as President, Banda said “That time yes, that time ofcourse.”

And on some calls by certain sections of society that he should return to active politics, the Ex – president said: “I think people have to be kind to me also. I didn’t leave of my own volition, I was asked to leave. But if you want somebody to leave, then you at least pray for them to be successful in their retirement…and I found out that it’s actually better to be in retirement than to be a president. I will tell you the reason why even if you didn’t ask me; it’s a thankless task. It doesn’t matter who you are, tomorrow it will be you or whoever it will be, people are always not quite satisfied. So, I did my best and now it’s up to the people to judge me after I have left.”

He further told Byta FM News that he has no desire to contest future elections because he is retired and must continue focusing on his family life.

The former Head of state described the Presidency as a “thankless task.”

In 2015, Banda was not allowed to contest the presidential election by the Lusaka High Court after the Movement for Multyparty Democracy (MMD) adopted him paving way for MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba to contest the elections.



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