Harry Kalaba with Bushiri

BUSHIRI can afford the best lawyers in South Africa. They will be there to defend him. Then, there will be a judge who is going to separate the truth or facts from lies( allegations, fiction, etc). Have peace. He is going to have a fair trial like everybody else. Nothing to do with Xenophobia or what so ever. He’s not a victim. Its all about the law. Even Jesus taught us about giving to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser.

If its about money laundering and fraud and he’s found guilty then he will definately face the music like everybody else. How many times have i seen posts of Malawians complaining about Nigerians selling drugs and destroying innocent lives in Malawi and pleading with the authorities to do something about it. Does it mean Malawians are complaining because they are Xenophobic? NO. Its about someone breaking the law and you want the authorities to do something about it. And, as Malawians we must never forget that South Africa has always and forever celebrated Malawians.

Names like Ernest Mtawali, John Maduka, Eric Mabedi, The Malunga twins(Holman & Kennedy), Chancy Gondwe, Esau Kanyenda, Chigo Gondwe, Taweni Gondwe, Gabadigho Mhango, Russell Mwafulirwa, Tapps Bandawe, Eric Paliani, etc were always in the South African media for all the good reasons. In fact there was a time when Jomo Sono (former Bafana Bafana coach) would travel all the way to Malawi looking for Malawian talent. All because he believed in Malawians.

From decades ago Malawians have always had a great reputation in South Africa. Trusted and honest people. From our great great fathers who worked in mines decades ago ( they used to tell us stories of TEBA) to lowly servants and hard working garden boys working in the South African suburbs.

Then we have Malawian professors and doctors in South African Universities and Hospitals, and, engineers, etc in high profile companies in South Africa contributing immensely to the South African economy, giving us a good name, and living large. Opening doors doors for future dreamers. Why hasn’t the Hawks pounced on them. So, stop with the ‘touch not the annointed,’ and ‘Xenophobia,’ nonsense and let the authorities do their job.

Don’t behave like a Catholic congregant who doesn’t want to admit that the Catholic Bishop can also be a child molester. Bushiri is a human being like you and i. The reason why you are failing to admit that he’s capable of committing a crime or making mistakes is bacause you look up to him as if he is a some sort of a god and forget the real Creator Himself.

If Bushiri is as innocent as he says he is then let it be proven in a court of law. Simple. No muss no fuss. Actually this is his once in a lifetime opportunity to prove to everybody that all we’ve hearing and reading in the media about him were lies. He is a Malawian and we love him but nobody is above the law not even a South African president and Bushiri is just a mere foreign ‘prophet.’ You can’t fight for God, if he is a true prophet God will fight for him. Nature has its own natural way of putting things in order. ( Copied from Eugene Khumbanyiwa’s FB page )


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