Hon Munyinda Munukayumbwa


By Munyinda Munukayumbwa

As BRE Indunas meet at the Kuta everyday, they should compose and sing ‘NO Barotseland Agreement of 1964 dialogue song to the New Ngambela.’

Ngambela Mukela Manyando must be taught and be advised by BRE that people of Barotseland need Self Determination and that no restoration dialogue with Zambia. I believe the people who have power to mislead and misinform the Ngambela on the issue of Barotseland are BRE Indunas. If Indunas are still Zambians in their minds, they will still cry for Restoration dialogue over the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 impasse with Zambia.

Zambian Government are not honest people who can have honest and truthful dialogue. They always look at how they can manipulate the whole system, that is when they can go for dialogue.

if the Government of Zambia is ridiculing the three Church Mother Body on Commonwealth and Church initiated dialogue how can they surely respect and honour BRE Barotseland Agreement of 1964 dialogue? Impossible!

It is my humble wish that the Barotse Royal Establishment has completely turned their back to Zambia delaying tactics for the people of Barotseland to attain their long awaited Independence. I suppose they are now thinking outside the box in solving the issue surrounding Barotseland Independence. I guess they must be on the move without thinking about Zambia purported dialogue.

Obvisiously, I will draw lessons learnt from PF Government and Church Mother Body dialogue.

Firstly, they agreed that there is urgent need for National dialogue and agreed in full gear that the National negotitions will be led by a very reputable organization, Commonwealth with seasoned arbitrators such as Professor Ibrahim Gambari.

As Commonwealth led dialogue was about to mature in Zambia, PF Government changed their goal post and raised whistle that Commonwealth was not right to lead Zambia National dialogue as the matter was internal as the Church and other reputable organizations would handle the reconciliation dialogue.

Unfortunately, Commonwealth was rejected and sent back with unpalatable words from PF Government. They were accused of siding and standing with the Opposition Political Party.

The dialogue was left in capable hands of the Church and the Government leaders agreed and noted the need of the Church to lead the National dialogue than ZCID.

The Church Mother Body is now receiving insults, demeaning words and being scandalised everyday for spearheading this dialogue of reconciliation, peace and forgiveness.

If the Ngambela has been told that BRE and the people of Barorseland should go for dialogue, he must not even think of such a thing, as Zambia is allergic to dialogue.

I will definitely feel sad if the Ngambela Mukela Manyando who was installed recently has not been told the true colours of Zambian Government under PF leadership.

Even though I truly support the need of dialogue as it is the peaceful to resolve the conflicts such as this, PF LEADERSHIP and Government have proved that they can’t have an honest and faithful dialogue with any person under the Earth. If PF Government can demonise the Church, what can hinder them to throw BRE in the bin?

The Church mother body cannot mislead any person whatsoever in this Dialogue! The Church is led by God, son and the Holy Spirit. Rejecting the Church’s dialogue is rejecting God, son and the Holy Spirit. PF refused to attend Church Mother Body organised prayer day that was meant to envoke the power of the Holy Spirit as they kick start the dialogue process. PF said no to those prayers and opted to scandalize men with robes…. Very reputable and integrity Priest such as Bishop Clealophas Lungu.

No Dialogue can be accepted and entertained by Zambian Government over the issue of Barotseland. If they can reject the Holy Spirit Organised Dialogue can they entertain BRE Mukulwakashiko led dialogue? Never!

Zambia has continued to lie our parents over this issue of Barotseland of 1964 and they have even gone far as spilling blood of Barotse Citizens in bid to maintaining a hold on Barotseland.

BRE Indunas must be very honest to the Ngambela and tell him the truth that people of Barotseland are set to get their country than Restoration Dialogue, Zambia is not honest.


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