If PF loses, all cabinet ministers including President Lungu will be punished by HH- PF youth says

A Patriotic Front cadre Ibrahim Mwamba known as IBU has warned that if UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is allowed to win elections in 2021, all leaders in PF will be jailed.

IBU says this is a PF WhatsApp group called “Gurus Reloaded ”

And another PF cadre Maxwell Chongu has also stated that HH is a sadist who will spare no one if he assumed power.

Chongu says the UPND has a bad heart, after HH posted on his Twitter handle that once his party assume office, he will launch an operation to recover what is stollen from Zambians by PF.



  1. It is frightening how the devil has taken hold of the Zambian mind. How can we be so blind, so unfeeling, so unwilling, so greedy, so poor, so cheep, so backward and so unreasonable that we can even pray to God to keep us in our current conditions of poverty, misery, lawlessness, corruption and immorality? Why would someone not want a criminal to face justice?

  2. What’s wrong with recovering what was wilfully and illegally acquired by acts of theft, corruption, bribery, concealment, etc. Mwebo!

  3. PF can only have a cause to worry if they have broken the law. The prospect of change in leadership of the country is also interpreted by those in PF as authority change to mismanage the judiciary as PF has done thus fear has gripped operatives of PF to what will happen to them for thinking and behaving they are above the law. Just think for a minute, do those in PF want to keep HH and UPND from forming government so as to go scotfree with their misdeeds? It’s not only the UPND that Zambians would expect to bring PF to account but any other political party that assumes the national presidency! PF better understand the misery Zambians have been living in under its leadership!


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