Insala Kapondo (Hunger is Hunger, it can cause someone to go against his own principles)


Patriotic Front Party Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has charged that there is no way in the history of Zambian Politics Hakainde Hichilema can win 2021 Elections.

Mr. Antonio Mwanza says he is challenging anyone to cut his manhood if Hakainde Hichilema wins Elections in 2021.

He says due to massive development by the Patriotic Front, the people of Zambia have fallen in love and want President Edgar Lungu beyond 2021.

Speaking on Hot FM Radio live program dubbed ‘HOT on Frank’ today, Mr. Mwanza stated that there is too much love for the Patriotic Front from Zambians.

Mr. Mwanza says the PF is winning 2021 as evidenced by 90% victory of all by-Elections in the country.

He has however demanded that Hichilema must apologise for inciting violence in the country.

“Zack’ i want to submit to you and our dear listerners that PF is a party of choice. This is so because if you look at the development we have had compared to other government, we are the best. We have put massive infrastructures, over 7 public Universities and so forth. What will make Zambians not vote for PF in 2021?”

“I can tell you people are in love with us and we want to thank them for the support. But to suggest Hichilema can win Elections in 2021, come and cut my manhood because that is a far fetched dream” he said. -Zambian Watch



  1. Antonio young man from Maputo tell us something we don`t as voters…that you have already won is it?lets take matters seriously with what this boy is saying.

  2. Lets say, if in future it is now proved that a particular sitting president then, was actually sitting as president illegally because of rigging, would it follow that all appointments he made were also illegal and hence all monies accruing to such appointments have to be repaid to the state? – Just thinking aloud in my dreams.

  3. mbuya kindly advise whether we should use panga or isembe nangu chi knife chaku butchery to chop off ur items. maybe we can chop now and we will find a surgeon if HH looses to give u temporal one

  4. Comment:
    Meali Meal at k150 & k175 to some places when you said it will cost bellow K50 ,K16 fuel per litre when you promised it will cost K5,Killing of opposition cadres during campaigns and pretend on the media by preaching peace, busy organising fake Pastors (cadres) on the national day of prayers and planning for more confusion after paying them huge sums of monies. Some Musicians have discovered the simplest way to reap money from your government
    Is this what you think Zambians have fallen in with? Just tell the Nation that you are planning to rig even in 2021. That we will understand but you have to know that it will bring cheos in the country because no cadre will agree to be used as a tool of violence.

  5. But what happens in this world u can wake up from your own dreams, Mr are you sure with what u are saying any way i won’t say much lets just wait for the coming elections that’s all for now, so u men u will be killed right. Wishing you all the best Mr. PF vs UPND

  6. Comment:This is pathetic pronouncement by this Antonio Mwanza, sacrificing his manhood is very serious. I just hope that the police wouldn’t come to his protection whenever that time arises. Someone told me 40years ago that the chances of an atomic bomb exploding at room temperature is 1 in a million but when that one time is effected its equally destructive. Manhood eh?

  7. This chap knows we in UPND are not as mad as he is and therefore will not want to do that stupidity of chopping someone’s manhood because of loosing a foolish bet. We know he is saying it to attract more cash from pay master. However we keep a record and just remind you of your foolishness when time comes.

  8. I have put it on the calendar, so that, immediately, HH, announced, ubwamba bobe ninshi buli pa chopping board. This time we mean it, will safe guard our vote, ba nkusa mukafilwa ukwiba. Sealed so.


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