“As the grassroots begin to separate chaff from the wheat in the ongoing adoption processes in the UPND, we expect more parliamentary incumbents and others that were dissatisfied with the outcome of the General Assembly to flee from the party, into a the PF sinking boat. They will give all kind of reasons including the perennial song of hate against HH and yet the reality is that they failed to deliver and their constituents have rejected them.”

The economy has totally collapsed, Zambians cannot afford three meals a day, corruption and theft is hitting the ceiling, power is unjustly concentrated in two regions, while lawless PF militias roam the streets without fear of the Police. How can these be normal circumstances to warrant withdrawal from the battlefield, to run to the very criminals that have brought this country to its knees, in such desperate and hopeless situations for our citizens, other than that the cowards want to be rewarded some printed Kwacha. They are scavengers and vultures that want to feast from the plundered wealth of our people and have no interest for this country or its future.

In 2011 PF under late President Michael Sata lost over 30 MPs but they went on to win the election. Then, the dollar was at K6 and our citizens had decent living conditions while there was law and order.

As youths of the UPND, we are prepared to be the last troopers standing with President Hakainde Hichilema because tough times don’t last but tough people do. This is the Easter period, those Iscariots that can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, let them receive the 30 pieces of silver and join the plunderers, but citizens shall surely march on until victory is achieved. Hichilema is the man of the moment. Aluta continua!

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