He writes;

I have never belonged to UPND and I will never in my life belong to this party. That picture you are circulating is an old one. What happened is that, me and my friends we went to HH and proposed that we do a song for him and his party. He agreed but he offered us K2, 500 each for a performance and said since he would be paying us, then there is no need for him to pay for the song.
We got surprised but we left.

I have come to conclude that HH wakaso sana. That is why many of his supporters are suffering. This is someone who has failed to help his lawyer Martha Mushipe with only $7,000 for rental but she fought battles for him.

I doubt HH will win any election with that attitude. My DNA, that of my children, and my family is PF and President Lungu is my second father.Uyu ena HHteti, wakaso mudala. As if his money is for juju.So mwilanjibika mufyabupuba


Source: Tumfweko



  1. Selfish Mambala so you want to benefit for family and self. H.H is fighting for all Zambians not individuals, to hell with your songs. In fact you were supposed to do it for free.

  2. Dununa reverse has reversed Zambias once vibrant economy. Just because tamwakwata akaso, you are just spending carelessly without planning. This has caused majority zambians without money in their pockets. HH plans for his money iwe. HH has pumped sense in those that follow pf blindly. The current poor economy has humbled majority zambians, exactly what HH had warned us.

  3. Why do ifipuba nga ichi chi JK think HH’s money is their pond tk fish from? Ngafyaloba ilyauma they insult him. Didn’t ka Antonio do the same. One minute he shown in the news leaving HH’s residence, the next he is being drapped in the PF chitenge and his insults against HH flow are non ceasing, bloody leaches!!!

  4. Mr. Kqtembula! are you happy that your song Dununa Reverse has condemned Zambia to backwardness? There is reality with what you confess with your tongue as far as God is concerned. You did a backward song for a party in power, therefore every citizen in Zambia is affected including those who hired you. Since they represent us, we are affected by your song’s negativity in Zambia. No wonder since you and your party are pagans you have never known why people are suffering all over. There is high cost of living in Zambia such that everything under PF is difficult because of Dununa reverse. A time is coming when you shall refund the Zambian people of the salary your wife is getting from Zesco all in the name of Dununa reverse. We know all those PF fellows getting salaries at Zesco. Zesco is not a PF company, if you were clever you should have known that it was corruption. Withdraw your wife from Zesco now. You speak about an upright leader like HH are you not afraid of the annointing on that man’s head? You have eyes but you do not see. Even if there was only one party called PF in Zambia, i would be “partyless” Stop being derogatory to HH. he acted like that because his money is hard earned. It is not for swindlers like you. You went to him so that you swindle him but you failed, then you went to PF who are careless with public funds to condemn the whole country with backward poverty because of Dununa Reverse. BE CAREFUL WITH LIFE YOU DON’T LAST WHEN YOU TOUCH GOD’S ANOINTED. THE MOST POPULAR LEADER RIGHT NOW.

  5. Noba iwe B*****mba bobe, bushe HH eufwile ukukulisha, ufwile waishiba ukuilisha we mwine, ati wakaso ulefwaya alebombela iwe we chikulu, nensoni taukwete.

    HH is not supposed to feed you, you are supposed to feed yourself, how do you expect to be feed at that age, you have no shame.


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