Kanganja has shot himself in the Foot!


By CIC Reporter | 18 Oct 2020 | Lusaka

UPND firebrand aspiring councillor for Kamwala Ward 5 Mainda Simataa has confessed that God really works in mysterious ways.

Simataa who has boycotted and rubbished today’s National Prayer Day as a circus, a day for political pharisees and religious hypocrites, was speaking in reference to Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja whom he says has shot himself in the foot by summoning UPND party President Hakainde Hichilema and his Sesheke MP Romeo Kangombe to appear before PF cadres in Mpika this Tuesday.

Kanganja has given the UPND and it’s sympathizers an opportunity to have the greatest and longest political roadshow the world has ever seen as thousands of Zambians escort their next President Hakainde Hichilema from Lusaka to Mpika and back, and we’ll maximize on this opportunity.

“Every Zambian knows that from a professional point of view, Kanganja is a failed policeman, he’s a letdown and a disgrace to the ZP uniform. But his failures go beyond failed policing duties. Kanganja is also a failed cadre, he is failing his political appointing authority President Lungu, he’s making HH more popular, and Lungu extremely unpopular, and his actions are proving to be very politically beneficial for the UPND…it’s as if he’s secretly working with UPND to dismantle the PF government by making it extremely unpopular.”

“If he’s doing it consciously, then the man is a far better genius of politics than policing, and I wish to thank him for giving us a free-pass to Mpika” says Simataa, adding that if UPND had used normal channels to request for a police permit to hold a road show from Lusaka to Mpika in the Northern regions perceived to be a no-go-area and PF bedroom, the same Kanganja would have never allowed it for fear of being fired.

“As I’m speaking to you, we have over 10,000 Zambian drivers who’ve volunteered their cars, buses and trucks with full tanks and food supplies to escort HH all the way to Mpika and back, and the beauty of it all is that Kanganja called for this rally, and there’s no law and no way to stop anybody from driving to Mpika because if Kanganja stops and asks ‘where are you going?’ just tell him you’re going to order Nakonde rice and fish in the North.

Simataa says the roadshow will be streamed live on Facebook because it promises to be very colourful and spectacular. “I wish to encourage all Zambians to line up the route from Lusaka to Mpika because the police will also come out in numbers never seen before, to showcase the newly acquired military anti-riot vehicles, tanks, water cannons and body armour – it will be like watching a movie, like a repeat of Sarafina in a reality show”.

Simataa has since appealed to the IG Kanganja not to cancel HH’s summon because a lot of well-wishers have pumped in a lot of money, food, fuel and vehicles to ensure the roadshow is a success.



  1. Mr. If not, wait and see. You will die of heart attack come August 2021. Your Edgar Chapona Lungu is already gone into retirement. His destination is jail and will be luck if jailed within Zambia because the in-coming president HH is not a man of vengeance as such he will pardon him. Just enjoy the last free cash from your Chapona because after August 2021 the tax payers will take charge and guard their money from you hyenas and Mwankoles. You and your godfather visionless Edgar Chapona Lungu have destroyed the economy.

  2. Rose Mwila what you see from your nose or is it noise is not what other Zambians are seeing. Most of them are seeing new infrastructure in every province of Zambia and are seeing every Zambian equal tthat who ever commits an offence regardless of who he is must be summoned by police and will be interrogated and left alone if Innocent or go to court if guilty. There is no one above the law. As for you calling an Innocent person an idiot, I can not be surprised because your president Badly Samny hakahinde hichilema has a hidden degree in insulting language which he will reveal in 2021 as will be crying after loosing the presidency that is if he will be found Innocent by the police and the courts. Long walks and drives are good exercises but only become tiresome after discovering that there is no benefit in doing that for the walker:s or driver’s family as hakahinde:s family will be at home enjoying television or indeed a live walk or drive to Mpika. Have a safe journey to Mpika ba Simaata.


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