UPND National Chairperson, Hon Mutale Nalumango has described as malicious and desperation induced the article alleging her resignation from the United Party for National Development.

Moments after Patriots for economic Progress party president Sean Tembo announced his withdrawal from the Opposition Alliance, PF sponsored online Tribal Propagandist going by the name Chibesa Kalandwe II lubricated his propaganda machinery and doctored an article suggesting that Mrs Nalumango has ditched the largest opposition party and government in waiting on tribal grounds.

But assuring the members of the UPND and its sympathizers nationwide in a short clip making rounds on social media, madam Nalumango denied the allegation and confirmed that she is still UPND and will remain so.

“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to explain and dispel the malicious article that has been posted on social media” stated a calm and collected Nalumango.

Mrs Nalumango emphasized that she is a woman of principles, who is not motivated by fame and fortunes. She stressed that she’s still a loyal member of the UPND with the heart to work for the people.

“I believe in values, I believe in ideals, I believe in what we stand for as a party and for anybody to be SO DESPERATE as to post a malicious article alleging that I have resigned from UPND its unfortunate, and driven by the spirit of lies” repeated the soft spoken UPND chairperson.

In quoting the scriptures, Mrs Nalumango likened PF propagandists like Chibesa Kalandwe to being offsprings of Satan whom the Bible labels as the father of lies.

She went on to identify the ‘head’ as the source of rampant lies being propagated in the PF.

“Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters in the country, let us unite. Those who truly love Zambia will unite…They started with Donti Kubeba, this is lie. And the lie comes from the head himself, isabi ukubola litampila kumutwe(fish starts rotting from the head). Remain calm UPND, I’m still your chairman,” ended madam Nalumango in a joyful whisper.


It is an indisputable fact that PF has lost popularity country wide therefore as we approach 2021 and during by elections like the one in Katuba, the spin doctors in PF will from time to time go back to their only message : TRIBAL POLITICS aimed at alienating the Northern(Luapula, Muchinga, Northern, Copper belt) voting block from UPND .

Without any shadow of doubt,PF has failed to explain to the Zambian people how it will lower taxes which it deceived the people but instead introduced a string of taxes chocking the suffering Zambians. They have failed to explain how they will fulfill the creation of millions of jobs for graduates roaming the streets without hope, reduce debt,lower cost of living, provide quality education.

On the other hand the UPND has a message of hope that is being appreciated by the 70% poverty stricken zambians. With the pending by elections across the country, the PF wants to portray the UPND as a tribal party as that is the only message that resonates with PF.

The top PF leadership tolerates loose tribal attacks and pays lip service.The purpose of this fake resignation of the UPND national chair is to plant into the voters minds where elections will take place that northerners are not welcome in UPND as Ms Nalumango is a northerner,as such wanting to keep the news cycle on tribal politics.

This forces the UPND to be on the defense.For PF its winning elections and they don’t care what damage they create .

Well meaning zambians must say no to this trend of politics . We are one people .Zambia isn’t for one ethnic group to govern. Every zambian has the right to aspire for the highest political office.

We must preach love and unity .We are all equal regardless of gender,social status ,tribe etc.

One Zambia One Nation.

*Team Chair*



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