By Charles Tembo

BOWMAN Lusambo has denied that the PF uses the clenched fist as its symbol.

He also says he is not aware that the PF uses the adage of “Pamaka”.

Lusambo, who claimed that he has been a PF member for 20 years, said he was not aware that the PF had a lot of billboards dotted around the country.

In this matter, the UPND have petitioned his election as Kabushi Constituency PF member of parliament.

This was during cross examination by the petitioner’s lawyer Chimuka Magubbwi after Lusambo opened his defence.

“I do not know that the clenched fist is associated with PF. Am not aware that there was a lot of billboards for the PF. Am not aware that the billboards had posters with candidates with clenched fist. Am not aware of the adage ‘Pamaka’. Am not aware that PF uses the clenched fist as its symbol,” Lusambo said in cross examination. “I have been a PF member for 20 years of unbroken record. I don’t lie, but not aware of the PF symbol.”

Lusambo kept referring the incidents of violence and bribery to his campaign manager Matthew Ngosa.

Trial continues.


  1. This mannis making a mockery of the courts. He should be charged with contempt and thrown into jail for a week he l soon learn some manners.

  2. Why is the court so lenient? He is making a mockery out of the courts. Only a mad person can say what ba lusambo is saying. These are the leaders we had and they want to rule again. Never. Let them make an example out of him so that no one plays around with the courts. Honestly this man is unbelievable.


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