Robert powell an actor and comedian based in Britain , who played the role of Jesus Christ character in 1977 in the most popular Jesus film last year in march took to social media to complain on how people worship him.

He also urged people to burn and stop using his pictures and loving him whenever they see him.

Mr. Powell complained that he feels uncomfortable when people around the world scream and rejoice once they see him , when he is also just an ordinary person who just used his God given talent to give a picture of how Jesus Christ lived.
” I am not Jesus, I never cease to say and repeat it to the world since 1977 that i am not jesus christ. Am just an actor and a British comedian. It hurts me and am tired of seeing my photos displayed in places of worship and, others worship and pray to me. I just made a film for a living. So People should stop loving and praying to me. Burn my pictures and worship the only God in truth! Amen” he said.





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