NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili says he is more dissapointed with United Party for National Development Leader Hakainde Hichilema for changing positions.

Dr. Kambwili says he does not understand why Mr. Hichilema has decided to field a candidate in Lubwa ward by Election in kitwe.

He says he met Mr. Hakainde Hichilema with Mutale Nalumango were they agreed that NDC was going to support UPND in Katuba and UPND must support NDC in Lubwa ward in kitwe.

But the Opposition Alliance partners UPND and NDC are set to face-off in the up-coming Lubwa Ward by-election in Kitwe, a situation which UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma admits is awkward.

But NDC member of the central committee Charles Kabwita says NDC is set to win the election, whether or not UPND fields a candidate, further reiterating his party’s position that it will support UPND in Katuba.

In an interview, Monday, Kakoma confirmed that his party was fielding a candidate in the ward election, saying there was no power-sharing agreement with NDC in the place.

But Mr. Kambwili says his party is more popular in Kitwe than the UPND.

He says his focus is to grow the NDC not the UPND.

“I’m more dissapointed with my brother Hichilema. If you look at Kitwe, NDC is more popular than UPND. We met Mr. Hichilema with Mutale Nalumango and we discussed that he should not field a candidate in Lubwa ward. We told him that let UPND support us in Kitwe and we were going to support them in Katuba, but he has decided to field his own candiadte in kitwe. What kind of a working relationship is this? Just look at the numbers in that place they don’t lie. We are much more popular than UPND in the area”

“As NDC we have decided to contest the Lubwa ward by Election because we want to strengthern our party and not UPND. We are a party of choice for 2021” he said.

Dr. Kambwili was speaking to Zambian Watch in an Interview today in Lusaka.


  1. Upnd why? Anyway , 2021 chapter will be closed and it will be history mark my words. This gumbling just in case,just incase.

  2. Dear Honourable Kambwili there are more important issues to solve for the nation than fighting over a ward. PF is manipulating the constitution, which has ramfying effect on us citizens. You need this alliance to help sort out PF manipulation of the constitution.


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