A Farmer of Lusaka’s Kasisi area has been ordered to compensate his wife with K10, 000 by the Chelstone Local Court after divorcing her.

Evans Funso, 42, sued Margaret Sakala, 33, of the same area for divorce on allegations that she denied him conjugal rights.

Funso told Presiding Magistrate Kennedy Mwansa Mutale sitting with Senior Local Court Magistrate Charity Milambo that he married Sakala in 2000 and they have five children.

He told the court that his wife denied him sex and always gave him conditions whenever they wanted to make love.

“The main reason of our misunderstanding in the house is sex, my wife gave me a condition that we should be having sex every after three months,

“At one point we tried to go to our marriage councillor who advised my wife to live as a married woman but still problems continued until our fifth child. I am tired of begging every time I want sex with her and I want court to separate us,” he said.

He said her wife moved out of the house in June to her parent’s place.

In defence, Sakala said problems started when her husband started sleeping out and impregnated another woman.

“My husband impregnated another woman and later left her for an older woman, that really pained me and I lost interest in everything,

“He even black listed my phone number such that whenever I want to call him my calls do not reach him. Yes, I am at my parents place to cool off from all the wrangles I am going through,” she said.

Magistrate Mutale: Is it true that you have been out of the house since June?

Sakala: Yes, because of the misunderstanding we have.

Magistrate Mutale: In your view, what do you think made him to go out to another woman?

Sakala: I don’t know!

Magistrate Mutale: But why is he complaining that there is no sex in the marriage?

Sakala: He is just lying, we do meet. Upon hearing from both parties, court found out that there was no marriage because of lack of sex.

Court granted them divorce and ruled that Funso should compensate Sakala with K10, 000 with first installment of K4, 000 effective January 31, 2020.

Magistrate Mutale: And second payment of K3, 000 to be paid on March 31 and last payment to be made on June 30.

He also said Funso should maintain the children at K700 monthly.



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