By Kalapashi

Yesterday’s opinion by Newdiggers newspaper makes for interesting debate. As gloomy as things may appear in our country now, the author’s response to Newsdiggers is an emphatic ‘yes Bally will fix it’.
Here is why:

Today the biggest issue that ills our Kwacha is the lack of confidence that the international community has in our national leadership. That confidence is so badly tattered that only a few days ago the IMF revealed that it could not give Zambia money for the COVID-19 crisis because of poor handling of money that the PF govt has demonstrated so far. This lack of confidence is so bad that sometimes govt has struggled to raise even K100 million in bond and treasury bill auctions against an ask of almost K1 billion. Consequently The biggest the Kwacha which depreciated from around K6/dollar in 2015/16 to K18.5/dollar today. And with the slide of the Kwacha so has inflation gone up as Zambia is heavily dependent on imports.

If the biggest problem the Kwacha is facing is lack of confidence in the financial markets, then its only logical that the answer to the Kwacha’s woes is a leadership that can instill confidence in the markets at least in the short to medium term. This was seen when Dr Bwalya Ng’andu was appointed minister of finance. Just on confidence based on his BOZ background, the Kwacha, Zambia eurobond prices and treasury bill auctions responded positively until Dr Ng’andu was swallowed by Adadanomics.

No doubt Bally is among one of the few Zambians that the financial markets has a lot of respect for, that he can instill sound monetary and fiscal policies to stead the economy. There is no doubt the moment Bally is declared winner in 2021, the Kwacha could appreciate by between 10% to 15%. And by time he will be saying ‘so help me God’ the Kwacha would have climbed by at least 20%. From Bally’s day one, money will start pouring into the country just on CONFIDENCE. This how Bally has built a business empire. Because people have confidence in his skill and they have confidence in his character, they have trusted him with their capital.

This is another endemic problem with our country right now. Corruption has run our treasury dry over the past few years. Over priced fire trucks, ambulances, toll plazas, digital migration, fertilizer, infrastructure, you name it. Is it not easy to see that the reason why we cut student meal allowances, have delayed govt salaries, numerous taxes, ill equipped hospitals and schools, lack of veterinary and extension services, etc is because of corruption? And that to save money for such important things have to cut corruption and other waste such as vanity jets?

The only thing that one must have to fight corruption is have character. What will Bally have to do to fight corruption? Simple! At a minimum it’s just for him to get out of the way of the law enforcement agencies and protecting them from political attacks. He could go further by empowering the agencies with resources and more legal backing. Its that simple. If there is someone who can do this, it’s Bally. Indeed when PF cadres say ‘Bally wa kaso’ they mean Bally is prudent and doesn’t tolerate thievery and waste. Clearly Bally will fix corruption.

When he was campaigning for his first term former USA president Bill Clinton coined this term to help American voters see that the biggest challenge they had at that time was the economy. This is exactly where we are as a country today; a broken economy with little or no money circulating. Today even mining which has always been Zambia’s main stay is on tenterhooks.

Bally as a proven economic manager knows the balance to apply between monetary and fiscal policies to stabilize the economy and get it back on the growth trajectory it was on before 2012. Bally has explained his economic plan sufficiently with emphasis on education, healthcare, agriculture, SMEs and energy security as key economic drivers.

Bally has the essential keys to be a good economic manager with a professional background in economics and finance, practical experience in business from structuring deals to actually running companies with a vast business network both locally and abroad.

Foresight is an important gift and those that have it are truly blessed. Foresight is what made Bill Gates the richest man on earth by predicting the invention of the personal computer. Because of foresight Jeff Bezos will soon become the first USD trillionaire because he foresaw that the future of business was e-commerce.

One of the greatest gifts Bally has is foresight though few people realise this. This is what made him, a simple village boy, to become one of the richest and most influential people in our country today. Foresight made Bally build a house with a bunker that kept his family secure when their home was raided during the treason allegation. Had those people found him and his family that night, in that state of excitement, they could have probably committed untold atrocities. What could have become of the peace of our nation then? Only God knows.

Bally was able to predict as early as 2006 that Zambia was headed for electricity shortage. Imagine if successive govts listened to him. Today Zambia could have been a net electricity exporter. In 2006 one of his campaign punch lines was ‘where a good road goes, development goes’. Maybe Sata heard him.

What about if this PF govt had listened to Bally not to over borrow or better still to instead get concessional loans? Most of the economic stress we are seeing today would not be there. What about his warnings to them about the impending draught and hunger situation of 2019/20 season?

What else is Bally seeing that could prove beneficial for our country for many years to come?

A vision or an objective is the foundation for success. For how can you score without a goal? The Bible puts it plainly in no compromising terms; ‘where there is no vision the people perish’.

Bally has a vision for Zambia. He talks about it daily. Those that care to follow him know this. In 2016 he gave us a 10 point plan which included energy sufficiency. Adada gave us dununa reverse. Today we have crippling loadshedding. Bally’s vision is to build a strong economy. A strong economy will produce jobs and ensure a good standard of living with support to the social sector such as education and Healthcare.

Bally’s other key strength is leadership. This he has demonstrated over the years in business and politics. He has held together the UPND at a time in our history when it is not easy to be in opposition. He has grown the UPND from the 25 MPs he got in 2006 to 53 MPs today with almost half the total number of councillors countrywide. Without the 53 UPND MPs and others, by now Zambia would have had one of the most dictatorial constitutions full of lacunae through Bill 10.

Overtime Bally has won over and, at one point or the other, has worked with the likes of Guy Scott and his wife Charlotte, Maureen Mwanawasa, Situmbeko Musokotwane, Silvia Masebo, Nevers Mumba and Dipak Patel. He has mended fences his once key nemesis Fred Mmembe. Today he is singing from the same hymn as Felix Mutati, Caleb Fundanga, Moses Banda, Chishimba Kambwili, among others on important governmence issues.

With this there is no doubt that Bally will quickly pull together a team of eminent, formidable and brilliant Zambians to fix our country.

Yes Bally will fix it.



  1. Zambian’s resources both natural and human is so abundant that we can’t fail to turn the country into a first world country in just 20 years but it’s s just a pity that we have not realised it.
    If only we can have a leadership with a solid and viable plan and set up a clear direction and focus, it can be done and people would start wondering why we have been wasting our time all this long.


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