While ZRA struggles to collect revenue, Iris raised K68,500 in less than five hours of washing cars. Some people were even paying K5000 for merely pouring a glass of water on their cars. Others where paying for cars she never even washed. She created jobs for youths. Lusaka residents flocked to the shopping mall to get autographs.

In short, it was Iris Mall and not Cosmopolitan Mall. She deserves to be appointed ZRA agent and tourism ambassador for Zambia.


  1. the same pipo that were paying that much usually become difficult and refuse to pay just a K15 at a regular roadside Car wash.They will give all sorts of trouble until the poor boy that washed a particular car reduce the price even up K5.

    • Impossible is a word you should use lesser and lesser in your life. Zambians are naturally boastful and would want to shine on such an occasion. You only need a few musicians and businessmen to make such an amount. Don’t underestimate Iris.

      • yes u re right Zambian men re so boastfull….especially when they get an opportunity to show off in front of a beautifull woman….

  2. Job well done Iris. We all pass through dark times. What we need is to rise up and contribute positively to God’s people. Do not let the dark times of your life pin you down forever. I wish these politicians who just specialise in stealing from the citizens and silencing opposing views can emulate your good deeds. Mwandi mayo konkanyapo imicitile isuma.

  3. To raise that kind of money as some people are said to have paid K5,000 to just look at the legs, you only need 12 to 15 vehicles, except most of those who are careless in impulse spending are the same thieves nurtured and supported by the thieving and corrupt masquerade Government, no person who earns money through hard work can pay such idiotic figures just to show off. For what?

  4. Who is iris? What role does she play in society? Where is cosmopolitan mall and what class of people are found there?if it was city market I was going to argue but c mall ma level ya bantu with brief case cash.


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