IRIS Kaingu’s attempt to meet Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex at the Burma Barracks in Lusaka on Tuesday ended in heartbreaking disappointment as she was ejected from the military facility even before the 34-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth arrived.
Prince Harry was in Zambia from Monday afternoon and met President Lungu.

The Prince was then due to meet World War 1 veterans and widows at Burma Barracks to commemorate 100 years since the end of the war on Tuesday.

As he was being awaited by a small group of carefully selected guests and a handful of accredited journalists in the barracks, a beaming and attractive Iris pitched up donning a white loose fitting dress, centimetres shy from touching knees.

The smiling beauty shook hands with a few waiting journalists before making her way to the memorial hall where the war veterans and widows had been staffed to await the Prince.
However, shortly after, Iris was seen being talked to by a uniformed military man before they walked together towards the exit of the barracks.

The military officer returned a few minutes later without Iris – apparently she was not on the guest list.
Prince Harry then arrived about 15 minutes later and proceeded to fulfill his programme with Iris nowhere in sight.

The Prince later visited The Circus Hub in Mtendere and Bongo Hive before catching a plane to head back home in the afternoon.

Ever since she appeared in a pornographic video for which she was convicted and fined back in 2011, Iris has kept herself in the limelight with controversial stunts which have been largely about flaunting her nudity to the public via social media.

Iris Kaingu is a daughter to former Local government minister, education minister and mwandi Member of Parliament. Iris hails from Mwandi district in Barotseland.
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  1. Ati war veterans. If the First World War ended 100 years ago, war veterans must be an average of 125 years old. Do those people in the picture look 125 years old. We must stop joking. may be WWII in 1948

  2. They were four- year old child soldiers. They were used to clean the wounds of Joshua Nkomo’s guerrillas after skirmishes with Ian Smith’s Seleus Scouts across the Zambezi in the South. But being veterans of ww1? Let’s be serious. Even the claims about ww1 ending in Zambia is just not true. Someone is only trying to rewrite the Zambian history with total falsehood.


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