Those of you who have been in Monze district since 1990 ,I just want a simple favour.

Is Dr. Anderson still alive ? He was one of the white doctors at Holy Family Hospital.

The man has a special story to my life and I commemorate 15th May every year because of the story below .

In 1993 ,Zambian Doctors recommended the amputation of my right hand after It got burnt with fire while playing with my Friends,but Dr.Anderson refused amputation of my hand as he argued that there is something that can be done.

Dr.Anderson volunteered and invited seven other Doctors from the United States to come and work on my damaged hand,I still can’t believe the meaning of his commitment,who was Mastone to be treated by the international doctors ?

I saw my mother’s tears on daily basis as she could not know what will happen ,especially when it was pronounced that I will be taken to the theatre for some special operation and I will be injected to sleep for some hours,to her this was a mini death to her second born son.

As a small boy, I had nothing to think as I was less than four years and I allowed the operation to take place.

Back home in Demu ,an SDA song that goes like “Jesu Muvuni wangu ndiwe lwiimbo lwangu” became my father’s everyday song as his heart was at Holy Family Hospital where I was admitted.

The seven doctors were in the country within a week , my damaged hand was worked on, thanks to commitment from the hardworking American Doctors.

The issue that tickles my mind is the special treatment I received from Dr.Anderson and Team.

I was not even a son of prominent person in Monze,my father was just a simple teacher but the sacrifice Was beyond poor Mastone’s family.

I usually break down when I look at at my hand and what it has done to me.

Please if there is anyone who knows where the family of Dr.Anderson is ,I will be glad to be availed details of where to find them.

God is Great!


  1. Yes go there and ask. not only ask but donate something….. Be grateful in action not only thinking what happened to you. The white man donated his intellect and you were saved. So go and do like wise….


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