By Stembridge Sikalundu

The government of the republic of Zambia should publicly dispel assertions that this utility company has been given away to the Chinese, the nation may be interested to know on which loan and how much was received from China and the tames and conditions which govt has failed to meet in order for it to give away the company, the nation will be interested to listen to govt admission of failing to refinance a particular loan which China has dictated a complete take over the operations of the most viable perastetal that has survived since independence .

If anyone is suggesting govt is more comfortable in giving away ZESCO, then the minds are terribly wrong, I consider that our govt is running out of good options signifying a dead end. This country has made headline news factor around the globe as Zesco being the reliable company which govt should have tried on to sustain other needs for the people of this country, however the continent is shocked to see a country that enjoys donor support making desperate careless decisions depriving the nation more securable institutions at the expense of China loans which have not transformed the country into a middle income level. Poverty levels are rising among other things.

The patriotic front govt should stop threatening people and instilling fear in citizens who are questioning the elicit transactions in the acquisition of China DEBT TRAPS, which govt is conceding with less or no power to the Chinese authority. The other two important facilities being suspected to be given away are ZNBC and the KENNETH KAUNDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. In Zambia strange things are happening .people perish for luck of knowledge, does this country know what it means to give away a national broadcast and the main airport .

People of Zambia I will pose a very simple question, why do soldiers rush to secure the airport and the main media studios like znbc? The best answer surely lie in the minds of those who command our security wings, who have failed to advise the security nature of giving away such points to foreign national. I may not need to alarm the nation how vulnerable the country is going to be under such influential political circumstances which is attracting concern, when public institutions are watching throwing away the sovereignty of this country .

It is only right to call for the immediate resignation of the security chiefs for failing to uphold the constitutional guide lines under which they are, defending the sovereignty and the people of this country and providing security to a govt that respects the rule of law .Loyalty in the presence of fear substitute respect which has a retrogressive impact on the probable decisions that defend the majority, loyalty is allegiance to defend and protect the few who are classified as elite ignoring what is important for the populous. These take over are not just about business, but getting to know delicate information which is only meant for the country. Zambia is under a distress call at the wrong time.


  1. No Smoke without Fire. Sri lanka and Djibouti have surrendered their Ports to the Chinese govt becoz of the Debt Trap. The Truth will come out shortly. Mean time Zambia can kiss goodbye to the $1.3 Billion from the IMF. The writing is on the Wall.


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