“I don’t have time this year for any nonsense or stupidity, ino year tulekokana. It has got to stop. Don’t ever reduce my qualifications to my Vagina” – Mutale Mwanza

I totally agree with her, and her anger is justified. it’s incorrect to reduce women to being nothing but pantyprenuers, that they can only be something in life by removing panties for men. I am opposed to sexism and how it is used to abuse women.

In many spheres of life, sexism is used to destroy the girl child; “She is this becouse she sleeps with the boss.” “She is that because she slept with that one.” “She is just a whore” “Hule”. These are common sexist narratives that are thrown at a girl child all the time. We may not like Mutale Mwanza or how she does her job, but it is wrong to use sexism to destroy her. We may succeed in destroying her, but we are not only destroying one person, we are destroying many other women, instead of inspiring confidence.

By Yona Musukwa


  1. But she is not the only woman, so why this about her? There must be a background! Hey! How do you start a story like that, what is it all about? Its from where? You are angry about someone or something, we know nothg about it why throw it to us? Why talk your vagina to us as if we are all part of your circle. Dont make us angry, just because you angry with something or someone, and dont blame anyone about your whatever, there must be a background. You arnt the only educated or uneducated wooomaaan but why this about you? Check your ka behavior answer is in there. Ka behavior, check it, solution is in there. Please dont spoil this our nice platform, we dont want to here about your vagina as if its anything special when every woman is got it, why yours is causing you issues? Other women no issues with theirs! Every woman is got it…, yours can even be zipped forever, locked and keys dropped deep in the indian ocean but the world would still go on live with respectable women vaginas, shut up, such talk disgusting we want more serious issues here.

  2. Where there is smoke,….
    Otherwise i would like to disagree that you are a non partisan announcer, broadcaster journalist. If thats what you think you are then you are at variance with what comes out of what you say and portray on radio. Nothing on radio suggests you are non partisan. And this issue of being a broadcaster and you say you stand for the people of Zambia but on the other side you Mutale Mwanza in particular, eee! Does it ever cross your mind that in Zambia there are other local languages other than Bemba? Thats one area where you lose it on radio, i dont care about who made you angry but i believe my write up will cross your eyes and you will read it, I am taking full advantage. Out of 10 words Mutale Mwanza will speak on radio which according to her are for the listening people of Zambia, 7 will be in Bemba, only 3 will be in English, zero in any of the otther local languages..and the trend goes on like that…, a serious journalist? Why are you so glued to Bemba on a radio station you claim its for the people of Zambia, check yourself, truly Hot FM is Bembas Radio Station. You recognize no other local language. Look even at callers. 90% whoever speaks in a local language, it is in Bemba. So In instances where you Mutale Mwanza find yourself someome talks bad about you how do we side with you, how do we sympathise with u? You make us angry too on radio for failing to say even just a single word in our languages. You are Bemba and you recognise only your mother language so you think we are happy, i feel such as yourself should never have chosen journalism as your proffession. Your character needed a proffession that should have limited you from public interface of the level of a radio station.
    Coning to being partisan or non partisan, Hot FM will never be a neutral radio station as long as you Mutale Mwanza remains there. It shows each and everytime you on your breakfast show on political issues, I would say you and hot are PF and it shows on your broadcasts, period.


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