President Edgar Lungu says his government does not question judgments by the Court but that it is questioning the one on the Ministers who remained in office after Parliament dissolution, reports Zambian Eye Journalist from State House.

Responding to a question why his government has not respected the Constitutional Court ruling directing Ministers to payback while he has no problem on the verdict on his third term bide ruling, President Lungu said the payback ruling is complex.

President Lungu told Journalists at a media Get Together interaction that he respects the judiciary as a lawyer and Head of State but that he questions the ConCourt on the Ministers paying back.

He said the Ministers worked and the country benefited from their work saying it is not fair that they pay back.

President Lungu explained that it has been difficult to convince his Ministers to payback because it is just fair that one gets paid after working.

He said some of the Ministers have even threatened to sue him if they are forced to payback.

President Lungu also said his government is still consulting with technocrats on the modalities and which money should be paid back. He added that his government has no control on members who are no longer in government.

The Constitutional Court has ordered Ministers who remained in office illegally when parliament was dissolved in 2016 to payback.

Some Civic Society have threatened to commence contempt of court proceedings against the Ministers.



  1. These Ministers should pay back in order to respect the court ruling. If they then sue President Lungu after paying back, that is between these Ministers and Lungu. The court has ruled that these ministers pay back. This ruling has to be respected by the affected ministers period!

  2. Your right that they can’t work for free but who gets the blame and the resulting punishment, or who gets booked for the cost, that is very obvious – youuuuuuu

  3. They must pay and make a claim from you ECL who misled them . You must pay them from your own pocket .
    You were advised against keeping the ministers , but you , Mr Know It All Lungu rubbished the advice .


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