Prince Ndoyi

Prince Ndoyi the young politician from MMD known for his criticism of the opposition UPND and their leader Hakainde Hichilema says it is immoral for the opposition party to comment on the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu because they have more skeletons in their closet that they need to deal with themselves.

The Constitutional Court is set to make a landmark judgement on Friday as Constitutional Court judges will rule on the eligibility of the Republican President in the 2021 election which the UPND has said they don’t expect the ruling to be against President Lungu.

But Ndoyi has described UPND’s statement as careless, reckless and irresponsible adding that the opposition party has no ‘Loci Standi’ to comment on the matter because their leader should not have been a contestant in 2015 to start with because he had already participated in 3 elections.

“How does a National Chairperson of a party make such an irresponsible statement on behalf of the whole political party? Let’s be civil. Infact it’s immoral for UPND to comment in whatever form, on the eligibility of President Lungu.

The young politician said it is an open secret that the UPND are praying that the Concourt’s ruling can disqualify President Lungu because they are certain that with him in the race in 2021 the election is a foregone conclusion.

He scoffed at the notion that the opposition party leaders are showering praise and calling Hakainde Hichilema the incoming president describing their praise as the highest order of hypocrisy.

“It’s bogus to hear, them showering praise on HH as an incoming President. Aren’t they ashamed, learned lawyers and MPs calling HH their candidate for 2021. Let’s be real and serious, it’s hypocrisy of the highest order.

“They have failed to mobilize their moral conscience to recalibrate their position on this perpetual contestant of HH on the presidency,” he said.

He further mocked the opposition that they should use the same energy they have injected in the eligibility of President Lungu in dealing with the illegality of maintaining their leader as a candidate in perpetuity.

“They should use the same energy in dealing with this illegality of maintaining HH as a candidate in perpetuity. They should instead identify another candidate other than insisting on the same candidate who has lost 5 elections.”

He further laughed at UPND supporters for giving lame excuses against the reason for Hakainde’s unchallenged stay at the helm of thier party.

“How can a whole lot of a party give such a lame excuse that we allow him to stand because we love him? Love alone cannot be the basis to be used for an illegality or the obstruction of other fresh minds taking over the party.

“That is why I started a proposal of a law, to bar perpetual aspirants at presidential level. The onus lies on the Zambian people to define this issue by rising above who is heading PF or UPND today. Who should under normal circumstances be disqualified, between HH and President Lungu. And Zambians ask them to answer these questions objectively.

“Lungu has stood two times while HH on the other hand has stood five times. Who instead should not stand on moral grounds? President should not be bothered, we implore him to focus on the mandate given to him,” he said.

He added “Friday’s ruling has nothing to do with disqualifying anyone, and it cannot be reduced as such. All the Concourt will do is interpret a constitutional provision in view of 2021, that’s all.”


  1. Ndoyi or whatever your name is. Get this right into your dull scull. HH is not bound by the Republican constitution as to how many times he should contest. He is only bound by what his party members decide,and there’s nothing you or those who sponsor you can do to change that. On the other hand, and unfortunately for you and your sponsors, Lungu has been sworn as republican president twice. Nobody would question his eligibility to contest if he hadn’t been sworn in twice as republican president. Nobody would question Lungu’s ilegibility to contest the pf party presidency.
    HH has never been sworn as republican president, never has been. People can question Lungu’s ilegibility as this is a republican presidency matter. HH has never served as republican president. Learn to differentiate between party president and republican president.

  2. Prince Ndoyi, political party is made up of people with one common agenda that must be uniting such membership. Political party is equated to a family group that will have decided to leave together according to God’s guidance. Republican president is a chosen person from such groupings to co-ordinate the lives of such groupings for a fixed period of time according the the national laws. The restrictions are to the national-chosen or republican leader and not the group or family leader. What PF does to come up with such a group leader should have no bearing to other groupings but aim to meet the requirements of the groups’ leader (republican president)

    Let us not allow our personal ignorance or selfishness overtake or ignore the requirements of genuine Zambians achieve their desired destine in their thrive to better life.

  3. Speaking from total ignorance of the law of the land and party constitutions. What a shame from someone bearing the title of ‘Prince’.

  4. If we can only talk of being sworn in twice as the constitutional provision , where do we place the issue of saving two terms and what is a term? Two or five years?


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