By Sara Imutowana Yeta II

For seven years, we were led by a cartel of mafias that has destroyed the government system.

We said it a long time ago that PF is criminal organisation masquerading as a political party that deliberately made State institutions feeble and flawed to allow the bloody mafias to plunder public resources with impunity, and they were very quick to want us deported or killed for calling a spade a spade.

At the helm of this cartel of mafias that designed this rotten government system to make it easy to syphon public funds is Lungu.

Lungu knew very well the type of people he was appointing in different critical government institutions.

He intentionally appointed morally bankrupt, unqualified, corrupt and playboys like himself to easily move them around with his little finger to carry out criminal activities that have sabotaged the economy.

We ended up with a riffraff like Christopher Mvunga as Bank of Zambia Governor, following the controversial dismissal of Dr Denny Kalyalya who could not accept to be used to loot public funds and sabotage the economy.

If Chishimba Kambwili without a position in government can go the Bank of Zambia and demand $30 million bond, how much were kingpins in government able to syphon? Your guess is as good as mine.

It is not only the Bank of Zambia with a rotten system because of being run by immoral, unqualified and corrupt cadres, it is the entire government system worse in parastatals that are also some of the largest, formal sector employers in Zambia, highlighting their central role in the economy but looted by the PF cartel of mafias.

Looking at how the entire government system is rotten, it is fine for President Hakainde Hichilema to take his time to analyse job requirements, review the pool of people available for positions, screen, shortlist and select the right people to bring into the system to ensure that we do not again have incompetent and corrupt leaders that will maintain the status quo.

The damage the PF cartel of mafias has done to the government system is huge both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Hence, President Hichilema needs a competent and incorruptible team to put in place a turnaround management strategy dedicated to government system renewal. This should involve proper analysis and planning to save troubled departments and institutions and return them to normalcy, and identify the reasons for their failed state and rectify the mess.

The same looters are boasting that they cannot be arrested because no criminal investigator can resist the money they have looted.

Meaning, criminal investigators are being bribed in million dollars to kill cases or destroy evidence on corruption.

My appeal to President Hichilema is to appoint forthright, competent and incorruptible men and women to clean the entire government system from the the cartel of mafias if we are to allow the Zambian economy and the entire country to breathe and eventually move forward.

All the architects of mass plunder and economic sabotage must be tried in the courts of law and jailed if found wanting


  1. Chiluba and cohort’s thefts will be child’s play when the full extent of PF thefts emerges. What is important is really competent people to investigate of which I doubts if we have qualified people to do this competently. We have not trained such people over the years especially over the last 10 years. Look at how Chiluba’s cohort got away with serious thefts. We need to look outside the country for help with these investigations.


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