Hjoe Moono Writes

It is such a delight to see Zambians playing at the World Stage.

Today, President Hakainde Hichilema was welcomed to the World Bank and met by a fellow Zambian, Dr. Samuel Munzele Maimbo who is the World Bank’s Director for Mobilization and Corporate Finance.

Dr. Maimbo was promoted to this position last year, making him one of the World Bank’s highest ranked officers leading a portfolio in charge of lending to developing countries. As Director, he is the highest ranked Zambian working in the World Bank.

Prior to this appointment, he was Head of Financing for Development Unit & Senior Adviser, Office of the Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer at World Bank Group World Bank Group.

A Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Maimbo holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration (Banking) from the University of Manchester, an MBA in Finance, (University of Nottingham), a BSc. in Accounting with Distinction (Copperbelt University, Zambia) and is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA, UK). Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked at the Bank of Zambia and PWC.

It must have been a delight for the President to meet a fellow Zambian at such a high level at the World Bank!

Indeed, education is perhaps the single most important thing that ought to be on the priorities of all.


  1. There are a lot of Zambians with great potential to help develop our country both from within and outside. There are those holding very high positions in big cooperate companies abroad who could help if given chance and respect. Many very highly educated and experienced Zambians came back home in the past decade to come and help, after Sata’s assurance in 2011. They were not received as promised and have opted to work for international companies or went back abroad.
    Remember the Chirwa story? Those who blew up one year sitting allowance in weeks carried the day and found him guilty of “being housed in a lodge whose charge they found too much. No one, to date, found those who blew up the allowance with any wrong doing.
    Chirwa is an amazing engineer who could have been getting the monthly lodge fees they accused him of in a day or week. He left that to come and help. For all that all he got was disrespect.
    By now the CBU class he started could have produced engineers who could be making train locomotives for us and an underground railway between Lusaka and Ndola could have been a reality.


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