By George Lemba
Zambia’s prominent politician George Mpombo has said that losing of by-elections by the opposition cannot be heaped on any political leader alone.

Mpombo says during by-elections and like any other election, there are too many factors at play.

He however says he has noted with concern that some Zambians are condemning UPND President Hakainde Hichilema over the party’s loss of by-elections held last month.

Mpombo stated that even PF was beaten by MMD in Mpulungu and other places but charging that the opposition in Zambia must however not dwell much on that.

He agrees that politics has dynamics and that it is entirely upto an individual to vote for a sane politician.

He says ruling parties World over play manipulation during elections but voters must be vigilant to protect their right and future and voice adding that if this is not taken into account, parties in power will continue holding onto power and enjoying State resources while voters continue suffering.

Asked why UPND President Hakainde Hichilema should not be questioned over by-elections, Mpombo said that the party leader can afford three meals a day but that his continued efforts to call for serious Government is motivation to voters to stand up and vote out the party they deem unfit.

Meanwhile Mpombo has said that currently there is poverty in Zambia and any politician who takes a 2kg of mealie meal, he or she would get votes.

He also charges that having been Minister himself, he knows how useless some members of parliament become when elected into parliament adding that some completely stop visiting constituencies and when they go back to ask for votes, voters don’t vote for them.

“You see George Lemba (Koswe reporter), I have been a Minister before and I have mingled with these guys. When they become MPs, that’s it, they never go to constituencies and people have now woken up and people cannot vote for someone who is not there for them and so, these are the results. We need people to also know that these elections are not about Hakainde or Lungu but they are about themselves because these two have meals as and when they want but how about you as a voter? Can you vote for someone who has made you go through pain and delivered nothing? Can you vote for someone for giving you a 2kg bag of mealie meal which will last 2 days, if the answer is yes, then continue in poverty because that is your choice but if the answer is no, then vote for the right leader,” said Mpombo to Koswe’s George Lemba.

There has been hard hitting messages on UPND President Hakainde Hichilema especially on social media following the PF’s supposedly winning of by-elections last month.

A cross section says PF won the by-elections using electoral malpractices but others say UPND lost the by-elections because of useless members of parliament, Mayors, Council Chairpersons and provincial leaders in areas where ward elections were taking place.



  1. I don’t agree with you Mr. Mpombo, if someone offers himself/herself for political leadership, that person takes up the responsibility for success and failures of their party or area of leadership. When pipo get concern about the by-election results, there are trying to tell UPND leadership to check what is wrong(whether rigged or not ) it has nothing to do with a leader who has 3 meals on table or not. Whether in opposition or in govt leadership should be answerable to society. UPND is a people’s political party and it’s leadership must be answerable to it’s members for it’s failures. If the party is performing well members will appreciate the leadership and feel proudly to belong to a winning team. On grassroots there a members who have sacrificed the little they have for love of a political party. These pipo are exposed to all sorts of dangers from cadres in a ruling party but they standup in their compounds for the love of a political part without material benefit. I believe each one of us has a sacrifice to make for the political parties we love without underrating others whether 3 meals or not we are all losers or winners if your party looses or wins. Failing to task the leadership it’s shorting coming is suicide. Real and genuine members will ask the leadership if things seem not to he right. It’s not betrayal or accusation but wake up call please. Things not happen automatically it is series of occurrences.


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