CLARIFICATION on job advert

[ CLARIFICATION: In Monday’s edition 06/01/2020 we erroneously stated _Bemba_ as an added advantage, *we regret the inconvenience caused.* The advert was placed in the _Zambia Daily Mail_ and a corrected version of the said advert has been placed in the same newspaper.
The additional language requirement should read: *Ability to communicate in Lozi is an added advantage.*

Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply and contribute to the successful implementation of the project, and development in the catchment area and nation at large.



  1. Bemba Tribalism is the most dangerous form of tribalism in this country. Bemba TRIBALISTS have a special form of backwardness for which it seems modernity has failed to correct naturally. Look at that Bemba man or woman, most likely looking smart and modern, but dont get spooked, the backwardness of TRIBALISM most likely is in that Bemba fellow you looking at! Some form of advanced artificial DNA or GENE MUTATION should be carried out on the BEMBA GENOTYPE, perhaps by some super scientist from the Allien world to enable these Bemba Tribalist to cast a futuristic time responsive GENOM which in turn will reduce the TRIBAL MENTALITY that has kept Bemba Tribalists so backward and backward dangerously.
    What kind of a human being will live like others and their cultures dont deserve to be in our society? This Zambia would have been better without these backward Bemba Tribalists, who in this 21st century are still pushing for a PRIMITIVE AGENDA of the EARLY STONE AGE ERA, what rubbish, what nosense. You occupy the entire govt system top positions to the exclusion of all and you are confortable!!!??? What kind of humans are these?
    I am UPND, (of course because i cannot be party and part of the PF system that has been made rotten and stinking by the same backward Bemba Tribalists), and let Hakainde take over in 2021. The spark point for the begining of hot differences between some of us and the govt of HH, is when the HH administration fails on flashing out Tribalism, in particular the backward and dangerous Bemba Tribalism among other vices. We may be silent now on issues like openly fighting Bemba Tribalism, but its a matter of time before someone who thinks he is the greatest simply based on his or her tribe will be shown reality, reality that will make him or her to wish one was never born at all. Wait and see. We are tired of this UGLY BEMBA TRIBALISM.


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