IT WILL BE 50-50 IN KANYAMA BECAUSE TONGAS, LOZIS AND LUVALES VOTE ON TRIBAL LINES – MOONGA…and Zambians complaining about high cost of living should grow their own food

By Staff Reporter

Kanyama is the only constituency in Lusaka where it will be 50-50 between PF and UPND, because Tongas, Lozis and North Westerners vote on tribal lines, says ruling PF central committee member Paul Moonga.

And Moonga said people complaining about the high prices of essential goods must grow their own food, as opposed to being lazy and complaining all the time.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Moonga said the ruling party is anticipating a tough fight with the UPND in Kanyama.

Asked why he was saying so, Moonga said: “Mutundu wa Chi Tonga, wachi Ka Luvale, wachi Lozi, mutundu. Muli mu Tonga, muli ka Luvale, muli mu Lozi, they don’t vote for quality, they vote for tribe. Mutundu wanga ine siulanga pa quality. Kanyama, niha, mulingachili, muzo chwani,” Moonga said. “The people living there, they are from North Western, Western and Southern, but again Western Province and North Western, good news is they are changing, the response in rural areas is very good. The Tongas, awee mudala ni nihahiya.”

Asked why he was attacking his own tribesmen, Moonga said: “Because I want my colleagues to not be on tribe, let’s go to One Zambia One Nation. I must be a good bearer of not being a tribalist. I hate tribalism, it’s cancerous right. Why are you in PF? That party is for the Bembas, which Bembas? President Lungu is from Eastern Province in Petauke. Ba (late president Michael) Sata was from Mpika, not from Chinsali. He was a Bisa.”

Moonga continued with his attacks.

“The only party built on tribalism in Zambia is UPND, the truth must be told. When (Anderson) Mazoka died they said only a Tonga must take over, that was Sejani, shameless old man. Chizyuka they were the ones championing only a Tonga should take over. You can never take over UPND I can tell you, they will be changing among themselves. How many vice presidents have run away? Seven,” Moonga said. “Now he’s just ashamed, it was not easy for him to go for (Mutale Nalumango), he was looking for people with money. If UPND had gone first to nomination (UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema) HH would have chosen a man as a running mate, with money. Seeing that Ba Lungu chose a woman of substance, Professor Nkandu Luo, he also chose a woman to become running mate…I pity my mother ba Nalumango.”

Moonga charged that Hichilema was not the man he portrayed himself to be, saying he supported Chishimba Kambwili’s attacks on the opposition leader.

“KBF was in the same intake with HH at the university, Jack Mwiimbu was two years ahead. Did HH complete in the same year with KBF…the man failed, the so-called intelligent man. That’s why he had to go into the school of administration. The guy failed, he completed a year later,” Moonga said. “Tribalism mwana, I am a Tonga myself, is rampant in the UPND. You haven’t forgotten that one time I was in the UPND, I was deputy chairperson for mobilisation and strategy…all I wish HH is long life, that maybe tomorrow his ears can listen and become a humble, faithful, trust worthy young man. I wish him good health, but he can never win an election, far from it.”

Moonga said there was no magic formula to the challenges the country was going through, and that it was a lie for Hichilema to claim that the Kwacha would appreciate within a few hours of his being sworn into office.

“It’s global, food prices it’sthe entire world. It’s only a fool who says food is expensive. You can now google, Lusaka is the cheapest city now with food, the whole world, number two, you can google. The Kwacha is among the top 10 currencies in Africa, and one should cheat you. Yes everywhere, the Rand is going down,” Moonga said. “By the way I bought my first car at K800 brand new, we were paying one ngwee, one tip school fees, you want to go back to one tip? As the population is growing things are growing expensive…let’s produce our food ourselves, unga wadula, I have grown the maize myself you want to buy cheap.”

Moonga said people should stop complaining about the cost of living being too high.

“Why are you complaining about things being expensive? Unga wadula, ndiwe unaulima (The mealie meal is expensive, are you the one who produced it)? Rape yadula, ndiwe unailima (Vegetables are expensive, are you the one who planted them)? Enda ukalime yako yochipa. Ni Business (Go and grow your own things which are cheap, this is business). We have enough land but people are lazy?” said Moonga. – Daily Revelation


  1. Nonsense and shallow think utterances from a person who is still seeking for relevance in PF. Whatever, Paul is saying about voting patterns is not true and this time things have changed the people of Zambia are united to ensure that they vote for quality leadership.

    The economy of Zambia under the PF is bleeding and has suffocated with corruption, inflation, fiscal mismanagement and partisan institutions of governance. Luvales do not vote on tribe lines but base their logical thinking on quality tested leadership. Poor leadership has brought calamity upon many Zambians today. The Zambian Kwacha is worthless because the economic performance of Zambia has really declined by more than 40 percent. Paul Moonga is speaking from the point of ignorance.

    On the other hand, the government has the responsibility to create enabling economy environment where ordinary Zambians could have opportunity to do farming and other business. Fertilizer and other inputs are very expensive and where these commodities have been subsidized its distribution is very selective. Thus, how does Paul Moonga expect people to do genuine farming? The only thing people can do is to forgive Paul Moonga for his careless utterances.

  2. These are the fools who should not be given a platform to speak because he speaks is useless. mwentungulushi please be careful with such characters.

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