By Staff Reporter

It is a notorious fact that President Edgar Lungu will win the elections with a landslide, says Kabushi PF candidate Bowman Lusambo.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Lusambo said he was not merely politicking, but was convinced that nothing would stop President Lungu and the PF from winning the 2021 general elections. He said people should not even be asking whether the PF was winning or not.

“The campaigns are going very well,” Lusambo responded when asked how the campaigns were going. “If President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is winning, all of us we are winning. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is winning by 99.9 percent. All of us that’s what we are doing.”

Put across to him that even he did not agree with his own claim that the President would win 99.9 percent of the votes, Lusambo said: “I do agree. I do agree because President Edgar Chagwa Lungu he has developed this country, and all of us we know it. It is a notorious fact. It is a notorious fact. So why can’t I be confident with that? I am confident, very confident.” – Daily Revelation



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