PF conman Max Chongu has disclosed that Dr. Chitalu Chilufya paid him to discredit the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Max is that PF thug who insulted Zimbabwe Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and dared him.

Last week, this thug went on rampage insulting the SDA women’s league by wearing a Church Uniform while drinking in pubs.

The SDA Church in Zambia is infuriated by Chongu’s mindless antics to insult the Church.


The SDA Church is the second largest Church after Catholic in Zambia although it is dominated by Tongas.

But Max yesterday told his friends in a pub in Lusaka that he will continue to insult the SDA Church as long as it is a UPND Church.


He said he is under instruction from Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to attack the Church.

“Yes Doc (Chilufya) paid me that’s why I will continue.

There are about 36 PF and UPND Members of Parliament today who are annoyed as a result of Chongu’s behaviour.




  1. This thug is up to no good. He is unrepentant and does not believe in peace and reconciliation. Let him be cursed and never see better days in the whole of his life. May his hate for others consume him till he dies a painful death.

  2. There is a book in Haven where names of moral and good Zambians who should be considered to run the country are written. At the time Dr. Chitalu Chilufya paid Max to do what he has done, Dr. Chilufyas name was deleted and removed from that book.


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