Dear Zambia, Greetings.
Iam Intelligence Officer within State House and write to address all concerned Zambians through you, one of the widest read online media.

I want to inform all Zambians that the Constitutional Court ruling over HH, GBM’s petition has been pre-determined to favour Edgar Lungu and Inonge Wina and nothing will change this fact. WHY? UPND should forget about fair trial as all Constitutional Court Judges have now been bought at K13 million (13 Billion old currency) by the power hungry and desperate PF Regime/ Edgar Lungu.

Well, I am sad to inform you that 90% of Zambian Judges including those at the constitutional court are extremely compromised and notoriously weak where money is concerned and President Lungu maximized their weaknesses to bribe them heavily last week.

You would recall that President Lungu had planned to launch his inauguration on Tuesday last week the very week that the petition was supposed to commence because he had hoped to declare Monday as a public holiday (the very day the UPND were to file in their petition). But due to us who informed them (UPND) of PF’s evil plans of declaring Monday a holiday, the UPND trapped PF and filed in the petition on Friday, and that made President Lungu to cancel his planned inauguration and concentrated on bribing the judges. It was at this point where a plan to go to Mfuwe was reached at, and that was where the Head of State was to secretly meet representatives of the Constitutional Court Judges for record bribes.

It is clear that President Lungu was sure that there was not going to be a way for him to escape from his re-election being nullified because of the massive rigging evidence that the UPND lawyers had prepared against him. The Head of State knew that his fraudulent victory will soon be overturned by the courts law and that would be the end of him politically. It is an open secret therefore; that President Lungu did not win elections genuinely as he massively rigged elections in 6 constituencies (three from Lusaka, Two from Copperbelt and One from Eastern Province) out of 156 across the country.

It was from this knowledge of possible nullification of his re-election that Edgar Lungu decided to fake a working visit in Mfuwe. It was actually from there that all the constitutional judges were heavily bribed. The first offer to bribe each judge K850,000 was rejected by all the Constitutional Court Judges and many Zambians mistook that to being principled. But the truth is that the judges did not refuse to be bribed but rather the amount of money offered. The judges found K850,000 each ridiculous and threatened to apply the law fairly and rule in favour of the UPND. President Lungu was at first warned that HH would be declared winner without calling for a re-run as there was enough evidence that he had won the elections with 50.05% against Edar Lungu’s 48.04% while the rest went to
other political parties.

After being threatened, President Lungu agreed to increase the bribes, thus the top judge Justice Annie Sitali was given K3 million (K3 billion old currency) while the rest of the judges pated away with K2 million each (2 Billion old currency). It was after spending this K13 million (that is K3 million to that top judge and each of the five judges receiving K2 million) that the corrupt and compromised Constitutional Court Judges started favoring President Lungu and PF in all their preliminary rulings. It was after receiving this money that 52 witness statements for UPND were thrown out and the trend continued up to yesterday and the same will definitely happen today. The judges agree to ensure that 80% of the cases favour PF, and that how money can corrupt the minds of Africans.

On Monday this week, the Judges had deliberately cheated the UPND that they would start hearing the petition on Friday today and end next week Thursday but changed at the 11th hour just to ensure that the UPND is disadvantaged at all cost. To make the matters worse for the opposition party, their entire request to include the Lundazi rigging saga and a confirmed audio recording of Emmanuel Chilubanama
(confirming massive electoral rigging) was rejected by the corrupt and compromised judges. It is therefore not surprising that today all Zambians including 10 year old children know that the court ruling over the presidential petition will favour the PF and Edgar Lungu. After all, constitutional judges are equally aware that President Lungu has invited the entire region Head of States to attend his illegal inauguration any day from now. All desperate attempts by the unfairly treated UPND to go to high court to seek the interpretation of the ‘14 days’ will be badly frustrated as everything has already been pre-determined by the power hungry president and his money hungry constitutional court judges to favour the

Most Zambians including those in the ruling party will no longer trust the Constitutional Court as it has proved to be a wing to oppress those in the opposition. If this case was in South Africa or indeed in countries where the judiciary is practically independent, the ruling would have been in favour of the UPND due to overwhelming evidence that the opposition party has concerning massive rigging that took place before, during and after voting by the PF.

It now clear the precedence of the Constitutional Courts as regards to Presidential Petitions has already been destroyed and compromised by the power hungry President Lungu and Money Thirsty Constitutional
Judges. Therefore, don’t waste your time waiting for the court ruling as it is clear that the judges have decided to compromise and reduce themselves to corrupt officials by receiving money from government officials and make a biased ruling. Even the strongest,
most respected and dependable people in our society bow down to the power of money. SHAME!



  1. I don’t understand this,some 11 hours ago GBM issued a statement encouraging upnd sympathizers not to worry as thing were on there advantage, but now I smell fear,panic and defeat haunting them as we get close to the declaration. Mamamaaaaa,on the other hand,these guys re indirectly trying to intimidate the judges ruling on the petition on statements like,”there will be Bloodshed should the Concourt make a wrong ruling”.I have always advised guys on the other side to deceist from chuwing-in anything that seem like comforting them.anyway, its not too late to learn from mistakes…..

  2. You’re a fake one and edit your English before you post your article. Did you swear and sign to keep secrets when you were recruited? What you are doing is in whose interest? Ati ‘ I’m intelligence officer….’ Goña!

  3. i age HH to be like watala of ivory coast seek UN/USA for fair justice to reduce bloodshed in Z now and we are ready for reffrendum of dividing the country against power hungry ecl

  4. Kawalala and a stupid OP who wants to bring confusion and mislead people in the country over your stupidness,before you start work u do swear and now u’re leaking the information to the nation and the world.

  5. Just a peace of advice guys can ye stop preaching ethnocentric & we all Zambians, ye are not even ashamed of thyself to mention other clans & what kind of a being are ye?


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