I’ve also been implicated that I sold the Cold Storage Board and that I pocketed the money, President Lungu said today.

And President Lungu said he is yet to decide on whether to setup a Judge led inquiry into the privatisation programme.

Commenting on the matter after information emerged that he also participated in privatisation where people are alleged to have gotten away with alot of money, President Lungu said he is clean.

“I’m clean and ready to testify over my role in the privatization of Zambia Cold storage,” President Lungu said this at City Airport shortly before departure for the Copperbelt where he is scheduled to open the PF conference tomorrow.

President Lungu also spoke on the same issue when he addressed a gathering on arrival at South Down Airport in Kalulushu District.

The President whose spokesperson admitted early this week that he was a negotiating Chairman in the privatization of Keembe storage said he has not yet made a decision on whether to set up a Public and Judge led Inquiry into the privatization of companies.

He said he has taken note of the calls being made by various stakeholders for him to set up the inquiry but that he will only do so if he is convinced that there is need to.

President Lungu said there is no position yet on the matter but some people in government feel that there is need to set up the inquiry because he has been implicated in the matter.

President Lungu said Cabinet will be presented with the matter and will decide on the way forward because he cannot make the decision alone.

State House spokesperson Amos Chanda recently called for a public and judge-led inquiry into the privatization of companies where an opposition politician has been named.

Chanda said President Lungu did not sale the Keembe storage to himself, or relatives and friends.

And commenting on the dialogue, President Lungu said he is ready to participate in the process once the three Church Mother Bodies and the Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue put their house in order.

He said the two parties currently don’t seem to have their house in order.


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