Truth be told this guy was useless and pathetic last night,Shambolic Officiating, as if he has something personal against sadio Mane and SENEGAL.

His good no doubt but Failure is failure,Last night he failed totally.

The game was extremely physical, high templed and high tempered also but he needed to control the game not being either intimidated by the Algerians or Officiating the game in an helter-skelter Fashion.

Janny Sikazwe’s Officiating last night was haywire

Sir Janny Sikazwe ,your Officiating last night was a disappointment to mother Zambia ,improve and stop Embarrassing Chipolopolo in Egypt

•Out of 10, i give you 2


  1. The author of this article is an idiot and a disgrace. So you mean you can criticise others just to make number for yo site? Shame on you.

  2. I didn’t like the way he officiated the mach Senegal had a penalty but he didn’t want to give them efyobapwa I not trying to let you down amenso eyatamba last night you were pathetic.

  3. Comment:Who are u to Judge Jan Sikazwe?How many Jan Sikazwe games hav u watched to date?Can u yr self even officiate an amateur soccer game?Jst say yr bet was on Senegal nd it didn’t go yr way?Jan is an international referrer nd this is not is first international match offiating match.pls let us learn critisize wen u have concrete evidence, I rest my case nw,bravo bravo Jan.

  4. He disappointed me either. That kind of officiating does not befit an official of his calibre. He failed, i feel he was intimidated by algerians…


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