By Staff Reporter

VICTOR Phiri popularly known as C4 has been accused of rapping a 15 year old girl for two days continuously.

Meanwhile, the prosecution continues to be frustrated over no-show of aligned witnesses apparently, because C4’s charms are in full effect. It is believed that C4 has unleashed his charms on witnesses who are either not showing up or giving conflicting evidence in court.

However, according to a minor witness before court, she was rapped by C4 who held her hand from a distance market to his apartment.

She narrated that one day, C4 found her walking home from the market and broke a bottle in her view then used it to threaten her.

She claimed he grabbed her hand and walked with her to his house in Lulamba, where he began to rape her for two days.

The minor girl said in court that before reaching C4’s apartment, they met someone known to her who was apparently bribed with K50 so that she doesnt say anything to anyone.

She narrated in court that when they finally got to C4’s apartment, he removed his clothes and removed her clothes then started having s3x with her continuously for two days.

The minor’s claims were also backed by her brother’s testimony who said her sister disappeared from home on August 09,2017 but reappeared on 10 the next day.

He told court that upon arrival, her sister narrated how C4 had s3x with her thereafter they went to police to report the matter.

However, there were no other witnesses at court as they continue missing – it is suspected that C4’s charms are really working to make witnesses confused.

The prosecution expected to have at least 5 witnesses but only two appeared to give testimonies that couldn’t be substantiated.

The case was adjourned to July 4,2018 for continued trial.


  1. The evidence of the victim plus the DNA/Forensic exams are enough to prosecute this criminal . What charms are you talking about? This is total RUBBISH! Cage this criminal.


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